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Suffering from Panic Attacks?

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Suffering from Panic Attacks?

Malibu Beach Recovery Center lead exercise instructor Oleg Flow recommends performing this short yoga exercise when you feel a panic attack coming on. 

Click here to see the panic attack prevention exercise.  

Thumbnail image for oleg yoga teacher.JPGOleg, a native of Ukraine, daily inspires both our staff and clients.  The grandson of an alcoholic, the son of an alcoholic, Oleg doesn’t drink but in the past was severely depressed.  He believes the depression is genetic.  His life changed when he began practicing yoga in the early 1990s.  He became focused on a series of exercises and breathing techniques that helped him keep his mood elevated.  “I solved my problem and began trying to help others,” he says.   “Now depression is just a memory.”

In February 2009, together with the Malibu Beach Recovery Center, Oleg began developing our copyrighted yoga program that is so instrumental in rebalancing the mental health of our clients during treatment.  He methodically chose which exercises to include by observing which are most helpful to clients. 

It is hard to imagine how our clients could succeed as they do without the unique combination of exercises they do each day, all specifically designed to enhance mood, raise dopamine levels and sustain the resulting sense of well-being, as well as reducing anxiety and depression.  With minor modifications, all can be successfully done by people with different physical abilities, psychological and physiological issues.

Because the exercises are done very slowly we named our yoga program “Kurma Yoga.” Kurma means tortoise in sanscrit.Thumbnail image for kurma-yoga-logo-FINAL - NH.jpg



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