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Welcome to Aram Homampour, MBRC’s new COO

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Welcome to Aram Homampour, MBRC’s new COO

Aram photo.jpgAs we start a new year, Malibu Beach Recovery Center welcomes its first COO, Aram Homampour. Before Joan persuaded him to join the MBRC staff, Aram was CFO of a law firm. He has also been the Executive VP of a Medical Management Company with Multi-Specialty Medical Groups, and a certified addiction specialist.

Like many people who choose to work for treatment centers, Aram is in recovery himself. He speaks eloquently about his downward spiral and what he has realized about addiction in a YouTube video.

Briefly, he started drinking when he was 15 and progressed to harder drugs when he was in college. His academic record got him a scholarship to USC, but he dropped out. At 22 he has doing well financially and believed he was happy. Looking back, however, he realizes that the fact he was medicating himself shows he wasn’t. Over the years Aram started isolating himself, was arrested several times, spent time in jail, and even crashed his car several times. At one point he was drinking on the street with homeless people.

Aram actually has a close link to MBRC; since 2007 he has led the Big Book discussions demystifying the 12 steps of AA, both at MBRC every Wednesday night and more recently at Brentwood House every Tuesday night as well. Unfortunately, he won’t have time to continue that as he starts his new position, which he’s looking forward to.

“Addiction is one of the most brutal diseases ever. It’s a mental illness, and the person suffering from alcoholism or other drug abuse doesn’t have a choice. It’s an irrational choice, which is no choice at all,” he explains.

He says that in his experience, having tried many methods to stop using, the treatment that works best is a consistent, disciplined series of actions which recreate a character that operates independently of that addicted mind and creates a new mindset. “I let people know that when their will is broken, there’s an opportunity to find another way of life. It’s not something scary, and it’s not necessarily about finding God. You may find oneness in the universe, but you have to try a different life and have the love and support of people around us. There is hope,” he says.

This is the way Aram talks on the YouTube video. It’s not the usual “addiction talk;” the COO has a unique way of expressing himself. You’ll love this man’s mind.

He believes that the path to recovery is about three things: 1) “asking for help, which we don’t do, and 2) creating a character based on a new value system, one that is contrary to the addict’s existing character, that does not strengthen the ‘I’ that is currently addicted. Because anything that makes the ‘I’ stronger makes the disease stronger and ultimately we will do what we do and that is use.  Recovery is also about 3) discipline. Discipline is not discipline if you want to do something.”

Having worked with MBRC, sponsored a number of people, and worked with countless alcoholics and their families —  and watching the way people get sober at different facilities — he “truly believes in MBRC.” Aram calls it the best treatment center he’s found, and says it an honor to work with them. “Joan and I are going to have a good time and continue to help a lot of deserving people regain hope and their lives,” he added.



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