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the fix,com.pngIn case you haven’t heard about it, there’s a new, commercial addiction and recovery website called It’s “different”.  It’s intriguing, looks enticing and has some interesting choices as experts and contributors. You have to see for yourself, but noted author and recovering alcoholic and self-professed sex addict Susan Cheever is one of them. 

The site has news, there are essays, there’s a section on sober living, and there are reviews of rehab centers. The New York Times wrote about the site in March, here. It’s sponsored by Recovery Media, which appears to exist solely for the site — I couldn’t find anything about it in an Internet search. 

The Times article revealed that isn’t trying to be “exploitative” but it won’t shy away from Hollywood spectacles. It doesn’t intend to be completely serious, either. 

It took me awhile to catch on that the site name is a play on words – It’s not the usual drug fix, but rather a fix you get from good content about addiction and recovery. One of the links along the bottom of the site is for submitting a story, but it’s not obvious whether or not they pay contributors. There’s this statement on the Work for Us page, however: “The Fix is always looking for talented writers and contributors to our site.”  Essay markets have been drying up for quite awhile now, so if you have an idea for an essay, this may be a viable market. 

Editor Maer Roshan, a recovering alcoholic, is a former editor at Talk and New York magazine (and founder of Radar magazine) who saw an opportunity in a site like this; he told the Times that he thinks it can draw advertisers. He also said that people in recovery make great purchasers. Time will tell.  

I’m always interested in what people have to say about addiction and recovery. This seems like a site to watch.


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