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Prom Time Drinking Test, Drinking Games, and SAMHSA’s Anti-Drinking Contest

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Prom Time Drinking Test, Drinking Games, and SAMHSA’s Anti-Drinking Contest


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Drinking Around Prom 

It’s prom season, so the articles about teens drinking and driving are appearing in the news. It seems there’s something new this year, though—a tool to tell whether kids have been drinking. The story appeared on WABCTV in May.

A Sheriff’s Office in Long Island, NY, is giving out the kits for free in an initiative called “Test, Don’t Guess”, and in a weird twist, the program was funded by money seized from drug dealers. It works when a swab is placed under a person’s tongue and then compared to the color scale of blood alcohol content that comes with the kit.I wish I knew the name of the company that manufactures the kit, but it wasn’t legible in the news video.

The trick, of course, would be to test teens not as they’re leaving the prom, but when they’re leaving the after-prom parties. If parties are at people’s houses this might be possible, but not all are. At some high schools, the tradition is to travel to a resort the next day, and it’s safe to say those excursions are usually unsupervised.

It seems fitting that this post precedes my next one on the NTSB’s proposal to lower the DUI threshold from .08 to .05. Shortly after stories about the proposal appeared in the news, The New York Times published a visual analysis “of national data on drunken driving [that] puts the disparity into stark relief – and suggests whose lives might be saved by [the proposal].”

Drinking Games

Not all prom-going teens drink, of course. Apropos of inappropriate behavior, however, I was aghast at something I saw on craigslist recently. The ad is no longer active, but I saved it just in case I wouldn’t be able to get to it again. I changed the name of the company because I don’t want to give the founder any support, and also because the website is sophomoric in using bad language.


We Pay For Movie Drinking Games 

“ReallyStupidDrinkingGames” is a fast growing website. We are constantly looking for more games to expand our site. All you have to do is watch a movie, create 4 drinking conditions and submit them.

In the last name box provide the code: 8XX0. This will insure that you will get paid through this special offer. We will pay 50 cents per game! Just for watching movies!.

Be aware that you must provide a valid paypal account for your payment to be sent to. Only games that are not already on the site and that get approved by our staff will count towards payment. Max of 100 games per code are accepted. New codes available soon. Payments are issued via paypal on the 25th of every month. This special offer is subject to all terms and conditions of

Thanks Everyone!


Who wants to play drinking games while watching a movie? Unless of course, it’s one of those movies with lots of scatological references for teenage boys. That would explain the audience. Can’t this guy find more constructive things to do?

SAMHSA Contest

Finally, SAMHSA is conducting a contest with prizes ranging from $10,000 to $60,000, to try and prevent high-risk drinking among college students. If you’re technologically inclined, develop a product (a web or mobile application, SMS, podcast, or the like) and submit it before July 7.

What a great idea, to ask the public to come up with a message in a form that college students can relate to.





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