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Professionals in Recovery

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Professionals in Recovery

A big part of recovery, for most people, is the support they get from their peers, people who have been female judge in court room.jpgthrough what they face, to keep them strong, relate to what they’re saying, be a shoulder. There are several recovery groups for professionals in recovery, including lawyers and medical professionals who have banded together to help their own. 

Although no one is immune from addiction, some time ago I read that the field with the highest number of employees who abuse alcohol is construction.  Construction members may not fall into the category of professionals, but that’s beside the point. They’re certainly professionals in their chosen work. Wouldn’t it be nice if more fields would join together to help their members?

Here are a few recovery groups for various professionals:


  • Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers   angIndividual states seem to have their own groups; nowhere could I find a national group. Pennsylvania’s group,, has this on its website:

LCL has a network of nearly 250 volunteers located throughout the Commonwealth. These lawyers and judges are in recovery from alcoholism, addiction to medication or other drugs, stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, compulsive gambling, eating disorders, process addiction, sexual addiction, various emotional problems and other mental health issues. 

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania, Inc., does not disclose any identifying information about those we help to the Disciplinary Board, Judicial Conduct Board, Board of Law Examiners, or the Pennsylvania Bar Association.


 This is a California organization for lawyers and judges in recovery.


  •  Physicians’ Recovery Network (PRN)

PRN is an umbrella term relating to the Impaired Practitioners Program. There are several of these for doctors in recovery, including one organization for podiatrists, started by the Podiatric Medical Association. It includes those in recovery from physical impairments.



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