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University of Florida Scientists to Study “Bath Salts”

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University of Florida Scientists to Study “Bath Salts”

Pat first wrote about the scary new designer stimulant known as “bath salts” in March 2011, and did a follow up in November 2011.  I then chronicled the nightmare story of our client Miles, who checked in addicted to bath salts in April of this year and almost four weeks later suffered what appeared to be a rebound, with a follow up about the impact that rebound had on Miles.    My reports caught the attention of many including Dr. Charles Parker who posted a very interesting comment to this article,  and then our own advisor on neuroscience Dr. Kenneth Blum, PhD.  

We like to be of service to the addiction community, so I was pleased to learn recently that Dr. Blum had proposed to scientists at the University of Florida’s College of Medicine (Gainesville), in the Department of Psychiatry and Mcknight Brain Institute Study, that they study the delayed onset effects of  bath salts.  Dr. Blum just let me know that he and his colleagues, including Drs. Mark Gold MD and Febo Marcelo PhD, are embarking on a rodent study developed by Dr. Kevin Wang PhD and associates concerning “Bath Salts as a Potential Inducer of Neuroinflammation.”  

The Florida team under the direction of Dr. Marcelo will also explore the effects of bath salts on brain reward circuitry using fMRI in rodent models as well.

This is no easy task because the effects of bath salts are so egregious – some people ingest them and end up murdering others – that the FDA has at least temporarily classified the main ingredients as a Schedule I narcotic, making them hard for the Florida team of scientists  to access.  We are rooting for all of you at the University of Florida whose research we hope will help to enlighten the health insurance providers (Anthem Blue Cross thought it was safe for Miles to live in the community and commute to treatment, despite intense cravings for bath salts) and doctors everywhere.

In the meantime we received this very helpful infographic about bath salts from  the folks at edrugrehab along with permission to share with all of our readers.  You can download it for free.



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