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A little more than three years have passed since Candy Finnigan intervened on Angelina before millions of viewers, in one of the most dramatic episodes the Emmy winning A&E series has ever aired, and brought her to Malibu Beach Recovery Center. Thumbnail image for Angelina bride to be.jpg 

Earlier this week the formerly down-and-out New Jersey girl married a West Los Angeles doctor and headed for a big wedding bash at a Mexican resort.   What is news worthy is not the marriage, although that in itself is pretty exciting, but Angelina’s remarkable transformation into a vibrant young woman who has her life and priorities in order.  

Those who have watched the Angelina episode on Intervention might be wondering about her mom Peggy, who Candy sent to treatment the same day.   Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for angelina and peggy.jpgPeggy, now more than 3 years sober, is back in New Jersey. She came to California for the festivities, which began with an elegant bridal shower thrown by Angelina’s sponsor. 

Among the shower guests was Rachel, the second New Jersey girl Candy brought to Malibu Beach Recovery Center. Rachel, who was living on the streets of Manhattan at the time of the intervention, is looking very chic and healthy these days. Her art and writing abilities continue to impress. Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Rachel at Angelina's shower.jpg

Before Angelina flew off to Mexico, there was a reunion with Candy at the West Los Angeles restaurant where Angelina worked during her first years of sobriety. Candy had not seen either Angelina or Peggy since the intervention, and she was definitely pleased.  The two women talked at length about their experiences in treatment and in the 12 Step Program; Angelina showed off her ring and wedding photos.  Candy explained the difference between being “in recovery” and “recovered.”  

I — the only  “normie” at the table  — listened and thought about the power addiction has to destroy lives that should be rich and meaningful. In Angelina’s case a bright, personable young woman almost lost her way. Just before the Intervention Show chose Angelina from among the thousands of applicants, arrived to “film a documentary about addiction” and spirited her off to California Angelina had filed a “Do Not Resuscitate” order at a local New Jersey hospital.  Life was hopeless.  She wanted her next drug overdose to be her last.   Fortunately destiny had other plans.

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