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Addiction Treatment By Women For Women: The Brentwood House

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Addiction Treatment By Women For Women: The Brentwood House

Thumbnail image for Miriam&Katya Open House.jpgIt was unanimous.   Some women recover better and faster from addiction and alcoholism when surrounded by other women. 

Liana Unger, MSW, Brentwood House Program Coordinator:  “Here women learn to find their own voice.”

Lindsay Jacobs, MFT, Assistant Program Coordinator: “There is such great energy here.  The women all support each other, more than in co-ed situations.  They really open up here.”

Dr. Miriam Hamideh, PhD. Clinical Pschologist:  “For some, an all-women’s facility provides a more intimate and safer place to talk about trauma and certain women’s issues.”

Dr. Katya Techentin, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist:  “Women tend to gravitate to men for safety because most are afraid of other women,.  Here we see older clients becoming substitute mom’s for younger women.  I’ve never seen that dynamic in any other place.”

Robin Steinberg, MFT, Clinical Therapist:  “By taking men out of the equation, women have more of an opportunity to explore their internal world.”

Click here to meet them and hear more of their thoughts about The Brentwood House, our new upscale for women-only treatment center.   Thumbnail image for Lindsay and Liana.jpeg

You will also hear from Dr. Laura LaPiana PsyD, Shannon Scott, China Isler and Chef Johnnie Handal about how the Malibu Beach Recovery System for Treating Addiction — our signature low-glycemic diet, our special Kurma Yoga program and food supplements – speeds the recovery of our clients.

Thumbnail image for China, Cida, Nick.jpeg


#1 (Left to right) Dr. Miriam Hamideh and Dr Katya Techentin

(Above #2: Left to right) Lindsay Jacobs and Liana Unger.

#3  (Left to right)  China Isler, Susan Bowling, Cida Goncalves, Dr. Nick Techentin PhD




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