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MBRC clients share their personal stories of successful addiction recovery

Ian C:

Lifelong Depression and Anxiety

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Whitney Houston’s Death Was My Wake-Up Call

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An Alaskan Finds Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs

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A Midwest Union Member Finds Addiction Recovery.


A Story of Recovery from Addiction to Opiates & Benzos


From Drug Abuse to Recovery at MBRC

Written Recovery Stories

Interviews and letters of appreciation from MBRC clients



On December 27, 2012, one month after Malibu Beach Recovery Center opened The Brentwood House as our second alcohol and drug treatment center, Ronni G walked through the front door. At 71 she was the oldest client we had ever admitted, but she was young at heart and fully committed.



Actress Yancy Butler was living what seemed to be a charmed life. Born and raised in New York’s Greenwich Village and the daughter of 60’s Rock and Roll star, Joe Butler of the Lovin’ Spoonful, Yancy dreamed at a young age of one day being in the movies. By the year 2002, she had achieved that dream. A veteran Hollywood film and television actress, she had just finished starring in “Witchblade,” her own TV series and was fast becoming a household name.

With her best years still ahead of her, The future seemed bright but soon after the cancellation of her series, Yancy was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication, the first of several arrests and like so many other Hollywood stars she would begin a very public slide into the depths of alcoholism, and the long road back.

Over the next four years, Yancy struggled back the hard way. Rehab, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, sponsees, step work, commitments. On the surface, everything was coming together and then, with the onset of excruciating and unexplainable physical pain, it all came tumbling down – again, only this time in a most insidious way. There is an epidemic in this country, the true scope of which is only now beginning to surface. It involves both doctor and patient bound together by circumstances far beyond their control. It is a cooperative dance of both honesty and deception fueled by an addiction that statistically eclipses that of any street drug. Prescription pain medication. The biggest drug dealer out there is no longer on the street but right at home in your own medicine cabinet and billions of dollars are being made legally off this addiction each year. Like Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, DJ AM and Brittany Murphy, Yancy Butler was spiraling downward into an irreversible abyss from years of addiction to doctor prescribed narcotics the worst of which were normally reserved for cancer patients in the final stages of the disease.

Thankfully, Yancy did not become another Hollywood prescription drug casualty. At the point when her body was shutting down she found her way to Malibu Beach Recovery Center where she spent 90 days in residential treatment, followed by 90 days at Brentwood House in West Los Angeles, 30 days at Cirque Lodge, and 30 days at Legacy House. Despite some ups and downs, Yancy believes MBRC helped save her life.



Nationally recognized interventionist Candy Finnigan, who appears regularly on the Emmy award-winning A&E reality show Intervention, brought Angelina Moore to the Malibu Beach Recovery Center in September 2008.

“If I had seen Angelina’s episode on Intervention before she arrived, I don’t think I would have let her in the front door,” said Malibu Beach Recovery Center CEO Joan Borsten. “It was reality TV at its most depraved and shocking; mother and daughter wrestling each other, while the Intervention cameras are rolling, for a bag of heroin.”

Episode 80 (“Angelina”) quickly became one of Intervention’s most popular segments. In a deeply personal interview, filmed exclusively for the Malibu Beach Recovery Center website after Angelina had already achieved 7 months of sobriety, the former cheerleader and honors student chronicles her descent into the depths of addiction, her abuse of the prescription pill oxycodone, her heroin overdoses, and her miraculous recovery.

The Malibu Beach Recovery Center, which specializes in prescription pill addiction, uses a neuro-biological approach to restore and balance the chemistry of the brain, and rejuvenate the body’s natural reward system. This system utilizes very specific natural nutritional food supplements in combination with carefully selected yoga-type exercises and a low glycemic “Recovery Diet” to create a solid foundation for long-term recovery. Clients quickly and efficiently achieve a sense of comfort and well-being, allowing them to get the full benefit of daily educational groups, family therapy, individual therapy and 12-Step work.



We are asking the Malibu Beach Recovery Family to wish Casey luck beginning June 9, 2014. In his classic hand-assembled car, with a huge logo of MBRC on the trunk. He is off the races

Casey B. is an alumnus of Malibu Beach Recovery Center. As can be seen by the photographs of Casey’s racecar, we are sponsoring him in the 2014 “Jack In the Box” Summer Shootout. According to Casey these are the 10 biggest races in the Legend car racing. The first will be held June 9, and then each successive Tuesday through July 29, 2014.

Here is Casey’s message:

As most of you know 7 months ago I got out of the hospital after being in a coma for 7 days from a opiate overdose. As soon as I got out of the hospital I knew that I needed a major change if I wanted to stay alive and be drug free. I knew how to stay sober and all the AA ways of staying sober, but it just never would last. Or I would get bored with it.

So I decided right then and there that I was going back to North Carolina to go racing again. That’s the one thing that I absolutely love to do. Always have since I was in diapers. I love everything about racing from building cars to just hanging out at the track. I packed everything I had up and started driving down.

I started working with my uncles again restoring 68-70 chargers. I saved every penny to build a race car. It seemed like it would take forever to get it done and built, I bought one part at a time and slowly but surely it started to come together. There were days I got discouraged. But the patience test was a huge lesson.

It took me 4 months to finally have the car out on the track. I couldn’t explain in words how proud I was to finally go through with something until the end.

So anyways I have been racing hard getting my car tuned in at Concord Speedway spring series to get ready for the “Summer Shootout.” The Shootout is the 10 biggest races in the Legend car racing. They are all televised on Fox Sports 2, and there is always a huge crowd of people that show up to watch.


Hi Joan, I just wanted to say hello. This is Chris B. I came to MBRC 1/11/10. I have stayed sober ever since and am doing better than ever. I am starting my own furniture and architectural metals fabrication company, I’m an uncle now- my sister and niece live 5 blocks away, and have found a very comfortable place in recovery.

I have no doubt that your program was the keystone to my recovery and I will always be grateful. I am still following the diet, which I’ve found has been very important to my brain’s well being. I’m still trying to get back into yoga, but between work and meetings it’s hard to find the time. I try to get to a meeting every day, every other day at the least. Aram has been my sponsor since the beginning and we see each other 3 times a week.

I am currently living at my second sober living and just wanted to personally recommend both of them. Bodhi Casa in Hermosa Beach was cruical to my sobriety. I couldn’t admit it at the time, but I really needed the supervision and structure they provided. A strict check in/out, curfew, and recovery regimen really got me through a tough time for the first couple months. They even kept my phone, keys and wallet for the first 3 months! I think it was really important to be around a lot of guys at first. I made some really good friends there and stay connected. [Alum] Paul J is now their live-in manager!!

After nine months I moved to Advanced House sober living in Venice. I have been here about six months and really enjoy it. The manager is an interesting guy with a long history of recovery and service. He and a business partner live in the back house and provide as much or as little supervision and direction as necessary. At the least there is daily check-in and testing. The house is clean, newly built- very nice. We are 5 blocks from the beach, 2 blocks from Whole Foods, and 2 blocks from the Venice Recovery Center. There are currently 4 guys here and room for 3 more. They are a newer sober living and just wanted to make sure we are on your radar.

-Chris B.


Dear Joan,

Forgive me for taking so long to contact you after leaving MBRC. I have been working very hard to set up a real support system for myself out here. I would like to thank you for everything you did for me able to experience your program and set my life on a different track. You are extremely creative in “making it happen” and I can tell you again what you probably already know. The impact you have on people’s live is enormous.

I am not sure I fully understand why MBRC is so profound.

Perhaps it is the diverse, insightful and extraordinary staff you have handpicked to run the program. I would never have been able to handle 33 sleepless nights without loving, supportive people to help me get through that.

Perhaps it is the beautiful diet and the amazing yoga.

Perhaps it is the intimacy that is created by sharing these events with a small group of clients that become real friends not just acquaintances.

Perhaps it is the sum of all these parts.

My guess is that is more ephemeral than that though. I believe the healing resides between the lines and in the spirit of the program much like the spirit of AA itself. It is mysterious and exquisitely effective. It is much more than putting down drugs or alcohol for me.

It has put me on a path of reclaiming the parts of myself I threw away over the years.
This gift is beyond my expectations of any rehab and I want to thank you and all the staff for the experience.

My best to you all.

SM, Malibu

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