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Centrally located in Southern California, our gender-specific sober living programs are ideal for men and women preparing to transition from formal recovery to living confidently and successfully in the outside world while maintaining sobriety.

Sober Living


Recovery from addiction is an arduous journey. After treatment, it can be difficult to return to the obligations and stresses of daily life. Sober living helps you make that transition confidently and securely.

In our sober living programs, residents learn how to overcome the challenges of the outside world and build structure in their lives for lasting and permanent success. Our gender-specific houses for men and women are available to those participating in our intensive outpatient program (IOP). Unlike many programs, sober living welcomes individuals currently on medication-assisted treatment.

Our residences are designed to be affordable while providing everything needed to keep the focus on continued recovery. Five nights a week, a nutritious dinner is prepared by gourmet chefs. A local gym membership is included to further support residents’ health, along with transportation to local offsite meetings.

Many sober living alumni report lasting bonds with other clients with whom they shared this extraordinary experience.



At our sober living house for women, our program acknowledges and addresses the issues women face, including relationships, family roles, health, trauma and co-occurring disorders. Within a safe all-female environment, women can freely explore issues among peers and develop tools to overcome unique challenges.

In this nurturing and healthy setting, our female clients take their recovery skills to the next level as they optimize their mental, physical and emotional state and prepare to live a more fully realized life on their own while maintaining sobriety.



Our men’s program gives clients the space and a sense of fellowship needed to achieve long-term sobriety, even when faced with inevitable challenges in the outside world. The program provides structured, individualized resources that support the attainment of every client’s highest potential.

Our sober living for men provides a chance to explore sensitive issues with peers in a safe and supportive environment, creating a sense of camaraderie with others during the recovery process. The structured, sober atmosphere supports a successful, sustained outcome of long-term sobriety.

Sober living clients have the opportunity to further reinforce and build upon the healthy lifestyle practices learned in earlier stages of treatment.

Clients learn how to build structure in their lives, so they can achieve lasting success. They develop strategies and habits for maintaining sobriety after re-entering society following treatment. Residents receive tactical guidance on employment, education and personal accountability. This experience empowers clients with the confidence that they can and will enjoy long-term success.


  • Malibu Beach Recovery Centers is already well recognized as one of the leading addiction treatment centers on the West Coast. Their multi-disciplinary approach to treating the entire person – the mind, body and spirit – is enabling clients from all over the world to overcome addiction and receive the tools needed to sustain their recoveries.

    Garrett O’Connor, M.DFormer CEO & Medical Director The Betty Ford Center
  • "Malibu Beach Recovery Center’s emphasis on the important of exercise, movement and mindfulness plays a major role in enabling a full recovery. This art of recovery combined with evidence-based science of their chronic disease management framework makes MBRC a national leader in addiction treatment and recovery.”

    David BaronD.O., M.Ed., Professor, the University of Southern California & Director of USC Sports Medicine
  • “I am very impressed at what you have been able to accomplish… This type of Neurotransmitter agonistic therapy you have here at Malibu Beach Recovery Center reaches far beyond just overcoming an addiction; it prepares the individual for the first time to have a chance at living a happy and joyful sober existence for the rest of their lives.”

    Dr. Kenneth Blum PhD, internationally recognized authority and researcher on neuropsychopharmacology and genetics

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