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Summer Days Are Here

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Summer Days Are Here

The beginning of summer is here, and with it, long weekends of leisurely grilling with friends and family and bringing back those conversations and exchanges about food, grills, fire and memories.  Meals are a time to share together, both in the preparation, in the setting of the table, in the beautification of our outdoor surroundings, in the actual making of the food and determining of the “who-does-what”, and in the final consumption of this beautiful effort to come together.

I am always amazed that a lot of men in my life will have nothing to do with the planning and making of an indoors dinner, and after the fact, putting away dishes and leftovers, much less bring dirty containers back to the kitchen and actually put them in the dishwasher…my, what an effort!!!

Yet, give them an invitation to a barbecue, and here they are, weathering long lines at the store, making sure of the right sturdiness of the dishes, prepping, cutting, managing all aspects of the fire, even remembering to have that extra propane container, just in case….and then, standing proudly with their oversized apron and tools to serve us the perfect burger and buns and achieving instantly the self-proclaimed title of Master Of The Grill.

The women by their side often are amused and slightly irritated at this very scarce demonstration of Food-Power, as if our efforts to bring daily menus to the dinner table were less commendable.

It seems that, given a fire and a pair of tongs, any representative of the male species will instantly gain an inside knowledge of the grill, brought back, no-doubt, from the memories of cavemen and hunters.  His barbecue was the best and his fish was “this” big (with an exaggerated opening of both arms vertically to demonstrate size).  And while there is not gender-specific attribute that relinquish the handling of fire to men, I must admit that generations of grillers have built a pretty strong history in American cuisine.

But in all honesty, if there are a few summer nights where I can sit and enjoy the company and let the Grill Master do his thing, then I will indulge and maybe share a little in the glory and storytelling of the fabulous summer nights and agree to have the night off and easy.

I will be posting three flavor-packed recipes for these occasions on the MBRC blog this week, as they are super easy to make, and especially are made in advance and will wait until you are good and ready to serve them to your hungry guests.  They are also ideal to take to a tailgating party or to a potluck.

Have a wonderful summer!

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