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Addiction Industry Insiders Meet with Senator DeSaulnier at Malibu Beach Recovery Center

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Addiction Industry Insiders Meet with Senator DeSaulnier at Malibu Beach Recovery Center

Senator Mark DeSaulnier is determined to find funding for the online real time CURES data base, a project he brought to the Senate Health Committee on May 5, 2010.  It failed to pass by a single vote. 

That’s what he told a group of local addiction industry insiders who came to meet him recently at the Malibu Beach Recovery Center, among them Anger Management counselor Marty Brenner, Ken Seeley and Eric McLaughlin from Intervention 911, Oceanside Transitional Living owner Dave Johnson, Lifegen Company co-founder Dr. Roger Waite, PhD, Trauma Specialist Katya Techentin, Attorney Jeffrey Miles, Aram Homampour owner of, sober companion Timothy Hanna (CAADAC), David and Nikka Gilcrease from Resource Realizations, Inc. and Susan Klimusko, a Ventura County nurse and activist in the fight against prescription drug abuse.  Attending on behalf of Malibu Beach Recovery Center were Clinical Director Dr. Miriam Hamideh, PhD., Program Director Dr. Nick Techentin, PhD., Independently Affiliated Physician Dr. Kamyar Cohanshohet, Business Consultant Abe Hamideh, and myself.Senator Desaulnier and group.jpg 

Many of those present spoke passionately and eloquently about their growing frustration with the pharmaceutical companies; pain management doctors; doctors who have little or no knowledge of addiction; grey areas in law that permit abuse by unscrupulous doctors; Florida’s unregulated pain management clinics; and the need for funding to educate Californians about the highly addictive nature of pain killers, benzodiazepines, and attention deficit disorder drugs.

The battle to curb prescription drug abuse in California is in its infancy Senator DeSaulnier told the group.  He asked for very targeted legislative proposals to begin the process.  Along with funding CURES, the Senator thought he would find support in the State Senate for requiring medical schools in California to teach more about the disease of addiction.  Dr. Cohanshohet estimated that during his four years of medical training no more than half a day was devoted to addiction.

There was a general consensus that the legislature of the State of California should hold oversight hearings on the subject of the prescription drug epidemic and invite representatives of the pharmaceutical companies and California Medical Association to testify as well as addiction professionals and impacted individuals.

I plan to keep in close touch with Senator DeSaulnier and help him help California.

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