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Robert Garrigus, Daniel Radcliffe Come Clean about Substance Abuse

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Robert Garrigus, Daniel Radcliffe Come Clean about Substance Abuse

Recently a sports figure and a celebrity came forward to talk about their problems with substance abuse.  I don’t normally write about celebrities’ substance abuse, for several reasons, but when people write about their experience themselves, it’s a different story, pardon the pun.Robert-Garrigus_1429390.jpg

In June, golfer Robert Garrigus tied for third place at the U.S. Open. But he came in first in his battle against pot smoking.  Fox Sports said  he admitted to Golf Digest that he smoked pot while on a “development” tour in 2002 and he said he wasn’t the only one.  He and his cronies used the Porta John to toke.

Garrigus started smoking while in community college—a lot, sometimes as many as 20 times a day, he revealed. Clean and sober after attending rehab, he now says he realizes it was stupid. And he tells his story like so many before him, because, he says: “If I can help just one person by sharing what I’ve gone through, then it’s worth it,” he says.  Garrigus is back—married and a new father, too—and stronger than ever.Dan Radcliffe.jpg

In July, Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, child star at 11, revealed that he gave up alcohol last August because he felt he had become dependent on it. Radcliffe admitted to the U.K. Daily News that he couldn’t go to a party and stop at a couple of drinks and he was lucky he hadn’t gotten caught inebriated  by the paparazzi many times, because he had given them ample opportunity. Radcliffe didn’t attend rehab, or at least he didn’t mention going. More power to him for realizing he had a problem and deciding to do something about it.

As I’ve said before, I love these stories because they show that there’s life after substance abuse, that you can stop making bad choices. 



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