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Malibu Beach Recovery Center has always been generous in recognizing – and praising — other treatment centers. In February I posted about the Hazleden website and its blog, and in March, Russell paid homage to PromisesLocktheCabinet campaign. 

Another recovery center that bears mention is the non-profit group Caron. I’ve known about Caron in Philadelphia for years because Pennsylvania is next to NJ, where I live, and the Caron site is always in the news. I see they now have several other locations — Texas, Washington D.C., New York, and even Berrnuda. The main campus is in Wernersville, outside Philadelphia, in southeastern PA.  caron foundation logo.jpg 

Caron offers a number of programs, tools and resources,  including a Pediatric Addiction Training Program, which helps pediatricians intervene with adolescents and their families, and a 5 ½ day “personal growth workshop for people impacted by family or relationship dysfunction in childhood or adult life.”  It also has a Pastoral Services Department for spiritual care, and a relapse program that offers a customized treatment plan.  There are newsletters for alumni and others, a magazine, and inspirational text messages. Caron has a blog, too, with posts from various contributors.   

I remember a man I interviewed who had been through Caron.  Brian was the branch manager of a financial services firm and he had to get permission from his company to have his story in the press. He wanted to use his full name, by the way, to help others, although AA finds that problematical, as I wrote recently. Probably because the branch offices were independent, the umbrella company gave Brian permission to use its name in his story. I’m not sure all financial services firms would be so generous! Brian had eight or nine siblings, all of whom had abused alcohol, he said. All but one had been in treatment.   

He spoke of how alcohol had affected his life, and how his wife had almost left him. He seemed so grateful in his recovery, and so determined to help others with alcohol problems. It’s as if he were on a mission.   

That was probably 10 years ago. Then two or three years ago I read he was flying a small plane to pick his son up from college for Thanksgiving. The plane crashed and he died. It still seems unbelievable. All I could think was that it was so unfair.

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