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Meth Inside Out

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Meth Inside Out

Malibu Beach Recovery Center Counselor Susan S., .herself an accomplished television and documentary producer, gives a thumbs up to Meth Inside Out, a new DVD series.  

Meth Inside Out

The production values used are high, beginning with the well-designed packaging.  Each DVD includes a useful and comprehensive written handbook. The handbook is helpful for reviewing the content of each episode and allows a counselor to stay on track during a post-viewing discussion session.

I viewed the episodes on separate occasions with different recovery clients. The reactions were varied depending on the level of personal identification within each group. Importantly, each group watched with unwavering attention and remained focused throughout and for an additional half hour post-viewing, engaging in stimulating discussion. My assessment is that the show made a distinct impression on everyone. Some of the successful points that were agreed on are:

Valuable Content:

The collection was written and produced by conscientious professionals who knew the subject matter well and were able to articulate with both verbal and visual emphasis:

  •  A clear understanding of addiction
  •  A comprehensive method of treatment
  •  A simple strategy for building hope
  •  A lifelong solution for maintaining freedom from addiction
  •  A plan for repairing the wreckage caused by addiction

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The filmmakers used excellent lighting and camera technique, depicting a differentiation between the bright sections of informative dialogue versus the dramatic reenactments that appeared stylized and realistic.

High marks go to the engaging host. Identified as Kristen – 5 years in recovery, she is attractive, warm, personal and professional without seeming pat or artificial. On the contrary she walks us through a difficult subject with such care that we feel safe in her hands. The fact of her own recovery allows us to trust her and in so doing, we accept the information she offers. She never talks down or condescends to her audience and maintains a positive attitude throughout.

Especially valuable are the personal testimonials of the subjects who recount their own stories in an honest, direct manner. A surprising variety of individuals are represented with recovery ranging from 45 days to 13 years. There is no holding back on the truth of their experiences. Each, tell the truth of years of destructive behavior fuelled by voracious addiction to Meth. Some, who fell into relapse tell of the struggle to climb back and all, honestly promote the health and healing that resulted from hard work in rehab, treatment, on-going therapy and programs.

Well Organized Information: 

The material is well organized into 3 DVDs, each tackling a comprehensive aspect of the addiction process. Within each segment, the viewer is led on a logical path through the various stages in the story of a Meth addict. Through clean narrative and effective graphics, we learn the scientific process that brain and body undergo on drugs and how craving is developed and stoked. By the understated and well-portrayed reenactments, the struggles are emotionally punctuated without seeming trite. The touching and truthful admissions of the recovery subjects allow us to see lives before and after and how, with desire and guidance, a complete reversal of mind can occur.

I can easily see how the series can be an ongoing useful and effective addition to our treatment program.

Retail price: $750 per set, $300 per episode. Malibu Beach Recovery Blog Readers can receive 33% off using the coupon code Insider33 at



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