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“Breaking Bad” Wins DEA Global Leadership Award

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“Breaking Bad” Wins DEA Global Leadership Award

IMG_2555.jpgVince Gilligan and the cast and writers of award-winning TV series “Breaking Bad” were honored November 20, 2014 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel by the DEA Foundation.

So well written and acted, such a novel concept, it is amazing Gilligan ever found a broadcaster willing to take the chance. “Breaking Bad” is the story of Walter White (Brian Cranston) a science school teacher who, when diagnosed with cancer, begins “cooking” (manufacturing) methamphetamine of the highest quality to pay his medical bills.  The DEA provided expertise to Gilligan and his writers from the get-go.  As Gilligan said, the DEA would have caught White right away, but in TV-land it took an entire five seasons.

Although stars Brian Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn were not able to attend, much of the cast was on hand including Dean Norris (“Hank”), Betsy Brandt (“Marie”), and Steve Michael Quezada (“Agent Gomez”).  Quezada also emceed. The evening highlighted the work of the DEA Educational Foundation, including performances by the DEA Youth Dance Program.  DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart’s keynote was inspiring.

Our Dr. Mark Gold has been a DEA Foundation Member At-Large Member over 30 years.














Photos (top):  Dr Mark Gold and Dean Norris (Agent Hank Schrader).  

(above left, from left to right): DEA Educational Foundation CEO William Alden, with DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart, previous Honoree Michael Wong, and the Breaking Bad cast and crew.

right:  Dr. Mark Gold, Joan Borsten and Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan

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