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Pot-infused wine…Drinking hand sanitizer…Whip-It…What’s next?

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Pot-infused wine…Drinking hand sanitizer…Whip-It…What’s next?

I like wine, and I love chocolate Yet I just didn’t get it when I saw chocolate wine, even though a friend recommended it.  Don’t mess with my red, white or blush.  So imagine my consternation, no, my shock, when I saw this Daily Beast article about pot-infused wineplaying in the pool.jpg.

OK, it’s the best of both worlds to some people. Get a buzz from alcohol at the same time you’re getting high on pot. (What’s Trending Now on MSN actually pointed me to the article.) But that’s messing and then some.

When I wrote about how California’s prescription database effort, CURES, is in deep trouble, I noted that California leads the way when it comes to trends. But this one is hard to fathom. “Pot wine” isn’t new to California, but if you believe the article, it’s b-a-c-k. If you ask me, it’s a heck of a way to ruin a good glass of wine and a sad day for the recovery field.

In Chicago, kids have reportedly been getting high on hand sanitizer by drinking it. According to Fox news, there are even YouTube videos showing how it’s done. I thought the pot-infused wine was bad, but this is just as hard to imagine.

An Illinois medical examiner noted that one shot of hand sanitizer is equivalent to two shots of 80 proof vodka. So now we have to add hand sanitizer to the list of household items that can be a problem around kids. Thank goodness one kid who was approached in a school hallway “just said no,” which isn’t supposed to work much. (Score one for Nancy Reagan!)

In March I thought I had uncovered something new when I told Joan about Whip-Its, small canisters of nitrous oxide intended for cooking. She already knew about them and told me about one I hadn’t heard of: kids inhaling the spray from the aerosol cans used to clean computers to get high.

I don’t want to think I’m naïve. I know that people will try almost anything to get high. But when you think about the lengths some people—especially teens—go to, some of the stuff boggles the mind.


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