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Marijuana, the Most Commonly Used Drug

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Marijuana, the Most Commonly Used Drug

I’ve been writing about alcohol and prescription pill abuse so often that I haven’t given marijuana its duemarijuana.jpg.

As NIDA reports, it’s “the most commonly abused illicit drug in the United States.” It’s not that I haven’t been hearing about pot (or weed, skunk, Acapulco gold, tea, reefer, or any of the other terms it’s known by).  This MSN video reported that pot use is up among baby boomers these days.  

I occasionally discuss marijuana use with other parents since I have a 21-year-old. Although statistics say the numbers have been decreasing, pot smoking seems to be popular with the younger crowd in my area. Opinions among parents I’ve polled seem to run the gamut from “Everyone does it at that age. They’ll grow out of it” to true concern.

A counselor recently told me that today’s pot is different from what the flower children of the 1960’s smoked. For one thing, it’s stronger today, which led her to believe it really does qualify as a “gateway” drug. She said that who are experimenting often think, “Wow, if I feel so good on this stuff, I wonder what a different drug might get me.” I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s scary.

Then there’s the standard body of thought that daily use can lead to “suboptimal functioning,” to quote NIDA again. The organization also holds that long-term use can lead to addiction, or at least to increased anxiety and depression.

In my local paper today, a 20-year-old  that attended high school with my son was arrested along with his parents for having a large cache of marijuana. The man’s brother, in a nearby town, was also arrested and charged with intent to distribute and other crimes. He had a number of guns in his house and $15,000. The 20-year-old and his parents could get seven years in prison, the article said. The 27-year-old brother, who had already been jailed for distributing pot, was expected to get up to 26 years.

Pot can decimate lives, too.




  • drogers

    This is inspiring
    “As a Chaplain in a treatment facility I have had the opportunity to hear many stories from people. I hear many hardships in session as I meet the patients in drug treatment. In many of the stories, often, there is a common refrain. Not only do the stories tend to sound similar but the response of the patients and what they do with it sound the same as well.”
    Go to Drug Addiction Treatment: “Our Sober Approach to God” OR to read more.”

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