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Marijuana Laced with PCP and Formaldehyde

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Marijuana Laced with PCP and Formaldehyde

On the heels of one of my recent posts about marijuana comes some horrific news about this drug. When I first heard the news—that a man had slashed the throat of a child in my state, I thought he was mentally ill. Several scenarios ran through my mind, such as perhaps he was enraged at a girlfriend and thought he’d get back to her by killing her child. Not that that—or any explanation — justifies his actionsyoung man spoking pot.jpg.

It didn’t occur to me that he might have been high. But it turned out that he was higher than a kite after smoking marijuana laced with PCP and formaldehyde. This mixture is called “wet,” or wet sticks, or fry or fry sticks. The action can be referred to as “getting wet” or getting fried. Actually, the man, in Camden, NJ was attempting to sexually assault a little girl, and when her brother came to her defense, the attacker slashed both their throats.

And this was a second attack by a person smoking this combination, according to a Philadelphia news station! A woman beheaded—yes, decapitated — her son and then killed herself in the same town last month. Wet is blamed for 60% of the homicides in that town, according to a detective there. The article on the TV station’s website went on to say, “This drug has a particularly catastrophic effect on people, making them incoherent, hallucinatory and, in some cases, violent.”

A Yahoo contributor sheds some light on the spread of (and terms for) this most dangerous substance. It started “around the 70’s in and around Trenton, New Jersey,” she said, and spread to Connecticut, where it’s called ‘illy.’   In Chicago it’s called ‘happy sticks’, in Cleveland ‘sherm’, ‘wet’, or ‘sheba’, and in Kansas City, MO ‘dank’, and ‘therm’. New Orleans, Washington D.C. and Houston, TX call it ‘clickums’, ‘loveboat’, and ‘wack’, respectively.  

However, the Urban Dictionary has a different definition for clickums.


“A marijuana joint, rolled with bits of crack cocaine, and then dipped in formaldehyde. The local colloquial term similar to a primo, sherman, sherm, or wet-daddy. A primo is usually marijuana & cocaine, without the formaldehyde. A wet-daddy is usually marijuana & formaldehyde, without the cocaine.”

The man who slashed the children’s throats supposedly knew what he was about to smoke, but the Yahoo contributor wrote of a Ricki Lake TV program featuring another man who committed murder but had no recollection of doing so afterward.

According to one writer who has researched noted journals, the PCP component is addictive. “If one becomes dependent on PCP, it is possible for the user to continually return to using “wet” or “fry” because they are not aware that they are craving the PCP component.”

Just as troubling, “Embalming fluid, because it is a fixative, can cause serious damage to tissues that it touches. Often users will have problems in the mouth, throat, esophagus, fingers, and lungs. The fluid destroys tissue by “fixing” it in place (and essentially killing the cells within it). Users experience: Recurrent and severe bronchitis, chronic inflammation, and lung damage.”

It also causes terrible neurological and psychiatric problems and can be “deadly at high doses.”





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