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How To Make The Malibu Beach Recovery Diet A Part Of Your Life

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How To Make The Malibu Beach Recovery Diet A Part Of Your Life

During my last presentation of the diet at the Malibu Beach Recovery Center at Corral Canyon, one of our patients reminded me how difficult it is to make ourselves a priority when we return to the real world.  This diet being one of the pillars of the recovery process and a large component of a healthier you, it is paramount that we understand how to make it work and what our major obstacles are going to be.  Once we know what we know, we can only make better choices for ourselves.  The great advantage about this diet, is that it also will allow your whole family to benefit from a healthier diet, less processed foods and better nutrition.

Most diets fail because we cannot fit them into our lifestyles.  Not because we do not want to, but because it is so difficult to find the time, not only to do the research and the determinations that go with it, but also because the rest of our life and those who are beckoning for our attention are happening at the same time.

When you are in the structured confines of a rehabilitation facility, much of what you have to do is pay attention to yourself, to your feelings, to your sobriety.  When that structure goes away, remaining on the same curve of learning, feeling, making time for yourself and your path to sobriety can become a struggle and requires your full attention and positive mindset.

Cooking from scratch is a habit in my family, as in most European families, and requires no struggle or effort, as it also has become a form of therapy for me.  But it also requires more time at the supermarket in shopping, prepping and gathering what is needed to make a nutritional meal with only “readable” ingredients and seasonings that speak to my personal taste and habits.

When this patient spoke to me about the difficulty, being a single mother, of continuing this diet for herself and introducing it to her children, I offered to devise some shortcuts that would help her, and you as well, continue applying the same principles without compromising her busy schedule.

The fast-food industry has such an easy job at targeting families that work around the clock with cheap and nutritionally-void products, laden with fat and sugar, but so cheap and easy to grab and go.  It was born out of necessity for people eating on the go.

Now that our necessities have changed and that we need our diet to reflect our healthier lifestyles, we owe it to ourselves to, at least, try and make this a better way of sustaining ourselves and introducing our children to a revival of the home cooked meal, a fresh baked dessert, a healthy sandwich, a crop of crisp vegetables, a mouthful of sweet berries.  These will become their habits and the make-up of their own experience.  This is the value that you will pass on to them, your new food revolution, and you will be the first to applaud to their enthusiasm at helping you gather the ingredients and make a healthy meal.  There might be a little chaos in the kitchen but it is in all good fun.

The real results are much more important: a life full of healthy choices, a regained sobriety, a life free of disease, a pioneer-like approach to what is really important and a regained perspective that you are the master of the choices you make.

I hope these cheat-sheets help you in your journey and look forward to hearing from you!

Bon appetit,


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