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‘Tis The Season!!!

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‘Tis The Season!!!

The Holidays are here, peeking around the corner, and for most of us, this means gatherings of friends, family, neighbors and carolers, many of whom do not have a clue about the efforts we have made to stay on track with this new lifestyle.

Nothing is scarier than the plate of freshly made cookies, covered in either sugar glaze, or crystallized sugar, or worst, both.  In those times, it takes a great deal of preparation and an even greater courage to stay steady while navigating the perils of those tables spread before us with the best intentions in mind.

My recommendation is to offer the host, and if you are the host, you are even luckier, to bring something to the gathering.  There is a double advantage to this: the first is that what you will bring is totally conform to the recommendations of the diet, and, if nothing else is presented that meets those recommendations, you can gorge on whatever you brought and be a happy camper.  The second advantage is that, by now, with all our recommendations, demonstrations, recipes and confidence-boosting nudging in the kitchen, you are probably a much better cook than anyone in your family and you can do the same as above, gorge yourself on a finely prepared dish that everybody else will envy.

First, when looking at the appetizers, chances are you will find a great brand of spicy chicken sausages that can be roasted at the last minute and served with our best recipe for tzatziki (yogurt, finely chopped shallots and multiple fresh herbs).  Another winner is an assortment of cheeses, served with lightly toasted whole-wheat bread, or mini meatballs dipped in marinara sauce and served on a stick.

Then for the “piece de resistance” or main dish, many recipes can be cooked that will satisfy your cravings for a traditional holiday meal, while steadying your appetite.  A few come to mind with turkey breast, Brussel sprouts, yams and salads.  If you fill up on these dishes, you will be less likely to indulge in the sweet temptations offered to you.

Remember that chocolate is your friend, and if you want to bring to the party a full bowl of delicious chocolate mousse, everybody will want to be your BFF for the day.

Another great recipe is the seasonal pumpkin cheesecake.  Never in a million years will anyone shove it in the “diet” category, and yet, it is perfectly in accordance with the Malibu Beach Recovery Diet.

Deciding to do great things with your health does not mean depriving yourself of anything drastic.  It is about making a choice about doing what supports you in the long run, and making it every day, and the next, and the next.

You are in it for the long haul and we are there with you every single step of the way.  And if yesterday was not a model of perfection in following our recommendations, tomorrow is a brand new day where you can pick yourself up and start brand new.

To your health and to a brand new you!

Bon appétit et Bonne Année!!!


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