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Affordable Substance Abuse Treatment Insurance Coverage Available Now

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Affordable Substance Abuse Treatment Insurance Coverage Available Now

Thumbnail image for insurance.jpgNews Flash: Whether or not you personally like President Obama and his Affordable Care Act, it exists and coverage offered must include mental health and substance abuse.

That is a big deal for those of you who need treatment for substance abuse, or have family members and friends who need treatment for substance abuse.

And so far, the premiums for personal insurance policies are reasonable (especially compared to the cost of good treatment) and coverage begins very quickly. Last week a client who enrolled on Wednesday was already covered by Saturday.   And, although she was already covered by Medicaid, the new insurance became her primary coverage, allowing Premera Blue Cross to bypass the Medicaid bureaucracy.

We have been working with alumni and potential clients since last fall, trying to figure out which policies offer the best out of network substance abuse coverage (Malibu Beach Recovery Center is out of network with all carriers).

So far, the national personal policies offered by Cigna and Aetna  are expensive and do not offer substance abuse coverage as affordable or broad as the State policies.

Here are some of the best personal state insurance policies we have found:

1) California: Health Net Platinum PPO

Here is the name of 2 agents who helped several clients and alumni subscribe to this policy:

Navali & Company

11601 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 500

Los Angeles, CA 90025

310-954-0053 Ext. 2010


Pamela MacKnight

San Francisco

800-246-2310 or 415-505-8347


2) Washington State/Oregon/Alaska: Premera Blue Cross Gold 1000 PPO

Here is the name of a Premera agent at who helped another client subscribe to this policy:

Bethann Frantz

P (509) 252-7940

F (425) 918-5506


3) Florida:   Blue Select All Copay 1457

Agents:  Tim (904) 240-3165

Sheryl Sherlton (727) 204-4696

As we get news of substance abuse good coverage in other states, we will update this article.

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