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At Malibu Beach Recovery Centers, we understand that overcoming an addiction to hydrocodone is no simple feat. That is why we are committed to being a beacon of guidance and support from the very beginning during each patient’s detoxification process from hydrocodone. Though only the first step, detox is regarded as one of the most important steps on the road to recovery. Detox is what sets the foundation for all further treatment, and sets the tone of each individual’s journey to sobriety. As West Los Angeles’ leading detox center, we offer our clients the most knowledgeable staff of highly trained medical professionals to provide the care they’ll need to thrive during the detoxification process and beyond.

Understanding Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone is a type of opioid prescription medication that is used to treat pain, and is also effective as a cough suppressant. A number of different studies have found that this medication has more benefits than codeine for suppressing a cough, and is basically as potent as morphine when it comes to treating pain. When prescribed by a doctor and taken under their guidance, this legal drug is highly effective and valuable. Across California, hydrocodone use is on the rise, which has increased the rate of abuse exponentially. In 2013 alone, opioid painkillers were the cause for more than 23,000 pharmaceutical deaths. In this same year, over 136 million prescriptions for hydrocodone were dispensed; making is the most prescribed medication in the United States.

This drug is usually taken orally in pill form, however those who are misusing or abusing the drug may create a syrup from the medication so that they have the option to inject directly into a vein. When taken, hydrocodone produces a pleasurable euphoric state in users, making them prone to continue use as a way to achieve these happy feelings over and over again. Additional effects of hydrocodone use include an increased sense of well being, feeling lethargic or sleepy, reduced stress and worry, and numbness. Eventually, the body starts to build up a tolerance and require increased amounts of hydrocodone in order to reach the same state of pleasure.

Who Uses Hydrocodone?

Like many other prescription drugs, users span across all demographics. Those suffering from an addiction to this drug come from all different backgrounds, and include people of all races, ethnicities, ages, genders, occupations, and socioeconomic statuses. A common misconception is that hydrocodone is a drug only abused by wealthier, more affluent groups. Research has shown, however, that this is not the case.

Side Effects of Hydrocodone Abuse

Hydrocodone is incredibly effective at relieving pain in individuals who use it properly. In individuals suffering from an addiction the medication, they may experience additional symptoms that can put their health at risk. Some of the side effects individuals abusing the drug may experience include confusion, dizziness, vomiting, drowsiness, constipation, and nausea.

When an addiction is present, users will start to exhibit additional unusual behaviors brought about by their need to use. Many people will visit multiple different doctors as a way to secure numerous prescriptions for hydrocodone. Some people will also start to exaggerate their pain symptoms in order to receive prescriptions for the medication. Users might also experience changes in their mood and increased isolation from friends and family as they delve deeper into the depths of their hydrocodone addiction.

If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction to hydrocodone, it is important to know the signs and symptoms of a drug overdose so that care can be administered as soon as possible. When hydrocodone overdose occurs, individuals will typically have slowed breathing and slowed heart rate, clammy and/or cold skin, loss of consciousness, muscle weakness, and even coma. In severe cases of overdose, death might result.

Hydrocodone Detox at Malibu Beach Recovery Centers

At Malibu Beach Recovery Centers, we strive to meet the needs of every client that enters our facility. This means creating unique and individualized detox plans for all of our patients. Upon entering our center, each client will undergo extensive evaluations, during which we’ll gather critical information on their history of hydrocodone use, psychological and physical health, spiritual state, and home and work life situation. This information allows us to build an appropriate detox program that will be safe and successful.

At our center, we handle hydrocodone detox by gradually reducing the dose of the medication a patient takes over time We do not typically recommend that clients quite all at once, as this can be dangerous and even fatal. During detox from hydrocodone, it is important that patients remain hydrated. By following tested and trusted methods to detox from hydrocodone, our patients have the best chance at staying clean after they’ve left our care. It is highly recommended that those suffering from a hydrocodone addiction detox in a specialized facility under the care of medical professionals, as some withdrawal symptoms can become severe and cause complications.

Hydrocodone Withdrawal Symptoms

When making the decision to get clean, many people suffering from an addiction to hydrocodone are intimidated by the potential withdrawal symptoms they may experience. While detoxification is not always pleasant, patients in our care will always receive the attention and care they need to remain healthy and comfortable during the process. Some of the withdrawal symptoms that are common during detox include insomnia, shaking, fever, cold flashes, diarrhea, sweating, and nausea and vomiting. The exact severity and duration of these symptoms will differ between individuals. In most cases, the longer the addiction to hydrocodone the more prolonged the withdrawal process. Most people will experience withdrawal symptoms for longer than a week, with the most acute and severe symptoms coming about during the second and third days of detox.

It is possible for chronic symptoms such as anxiety and depression to persist for weeks or even months after the start of detox. In some cases, patients may be prescribed medication in order to ease the discomfort brought on by the more severe withdrawal symptoms. In other cases, this medication may not be appropriate.

Moving Past Addiction Together

At Malibu Beach Recovery Centers, you are never alone during the detoxification process. We will be by your side every single step of the way, giving you the resources and care you need to remain confident and motivated that you can and will overcome your dependence on hydrocodone. At our facility, we are dedicated to treating the whole individual. This sets us apart from many other detox facilities that instead focus solely on treating the physical symptoms brought on by detox. Not only do we address these unpleasant side effects in the appropriate manner, but we go on to provide the therapies necessary to treat the psychological and emotional components of addiction that drive use in the first place.


If you or someone you know has reached their wits ends with their addiction to hydrocodone, please give us a call today. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by right now to take your call and begin your initial consultation. We believe you have the power to reach your full potential and live the happy and healthy life you deserve. Now it is time to put your health first and start your journey to recovery.

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