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Linda Freud, Medical Intuitive

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Linda Freud, Medical Intuitive

Personally I am a skeptic but I believe some people have heightened perceptions which they express through tarot cards, runes, and crystal balls. 

I have been told amazingly accurate information by the handful of astrologers and psychics I have met, beginning with Ramakrishna Sarathy, director Federico Fellini’s fortune-teller.  I interviewed him many years ago in New Delhi’s Ashoka Hotel.  Afterwards, he looked at my palm and told me I would marry someone from a “strange” country.   In fact, several years later in Rome I met my husband to be.  He had just defected from the Soviet Union – a “strange” country by all definitions. 

An investigative reporter by nature, I have been to healers in Mexico called curanderos and medicine men in India.  Dr. Soram Khalsa M.D., an American Sikh practicing a combination of eastern and western medicine at L.A.’s Cedar Sinai Hospital, really helped me with his acupuncture and natural remedies.

But until I met Linda Freud, I had never even heard of a “medical intuitive.”Linda Freud crop.jpg

As it turns out, just as police departments bring in a forensic psychic to solve a crime, a medical intuitive is sometimes brought in to find critical missing medical information that gets to the root causes of a complicated medical condition.    The phrase was coined by Carolyn Myss, herself a medical intuitive and the author of several bestselling books on the subject.

If you’re thinking “Medium” or “Psych”, Linda hardly looks the part. She’s more like a mild-mannered, soft-spoken PTA President. She works under the license of Dr. Thom Lobe, an M.D. and medical director of the Beneveda Medical Center in Beverly Hills, managing difficult clinical cases that have not responded to conventional approaches to medical care.   The leading physicians and medical researchers in the field of integrative medicine call her diagnostic and healing abilities “unique” and “amazing”. The list includes Gabriel Cousens, Dietrich Klinghardt, Thomas Rau, Hyla Cass, Elson Haas, Burton Goldberg, and Uzzi Reiss.

Her “gift” came late in life.  Well into her 30s, Linda was just an ordinary person with no real interest in medicine.  She worked as a manager for the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission and as a personal secretary for members of the Getty family.  She only became interested in health issues after she fell ill and then met her future husband David Freud, who was also seriously ill. During their courtship, he impulsively bought her a pendulum, which was to change the direction of their lives in ways they could not have imagined at the time, and lead to a restoration of their health.David Freud.jpg

Linda discovered that with pendulum in hand, despite having no medical background, she could tell people what was wrong with them.  She says she is “guided by angels” who control the pendulum.  When David, the son of a medical doctor, assembled a list of ailments, Linda’s diagnoses became more specific.  The pendulum would spin in a clockwise direction and indicate a precise health issue or a particular remedy.  David began to develop more sophisticated databases for Linda to channel — or “pendle” as she calls it. Soon Linda could accurately identify environmental toxins, harmful pathogens, endocrine disruptions, and nutritional imbalances in her patients. 

David taught her sophisticated nuances of various forms of alternative medicine he had amassed over years of arduous research.   This allowed her to craft precise healing regimens derived from a broad array of natural remedies. These included orthomolecular nutrients, amino acids, glandulars, herbal medicines, and homeopathy. In addition she channeled customized diets based on one’s biochemical individuality.

We met Linda and David earlier this year. David had just finished writing (the project took more than three years) “The Healing Gift: Exploring the Remarkable World of a Medical Intuitive,” a book available on, and the accompanying website.   Along with descriptions of Linda’s work healing chronic degenerative diseases, the book includes conversations with David’s cousin Sigmund Freud and discussions about angels, reincarnation, and Kabbalah.   

When I met them, Linda and David were actively looking for a holistic rehab where she could send clients who were too addicted to alcohol and drugs to initially benefit fully from her work. Together with Khalil Rafati, owner of Malibu’s very holistic and spiritual Riviera Recovery Sober Living House, we created a 90 day program for Linda’s clients: 30 days at Malibu Beach Recovery Center for detox, treatment and stabilization. 60 days at Riviera Sober Living for further stabilization and treatment by Linda.  Khalil.jpg 

Of course, not a few members of our clinical team were skeptical about our newest “strategic partner.”  It all seemed so “out there.” 

At that point Khalil, who had a “great feeling right off about Linda because she is loving, maternal and serious about what she does” decided to ask her to do an initial work up on him.  

Khalil, 41, in recovery for more than 7 years, is very proud of his fit and youthful appearance which he attributes to his spiritual, holistic life style.  So he did not take kindly to Linda’s first pronouncement – she told him he had to follow for the next 7-8 months a customized anti-candida diet she had created for him.

“I was already into some pretty weird stuff,” he admits. “I did colonics and wheat grass enemas.  I spent $600 a month on the best and most amazing supplements you can buy.  I was eating royal jelly, bee pollen, goji berries, and doing Bikram yoga once or twice a day.  I was already seeing Dr. Soram Khalsa and Dr. Uzzi Reiss.  But I was still suffering from fatigue.  I had not slept well in years. I felt a tightness in my chest and found myself breathing shallow at times.  I was very sluggish.

“I kept thinking, how was a woman going to diagnose me with a pendulum and a list of medical ailments?

“I felt threatened,” he says, “but she was telling me things I knew she could not guess.  She was onto something and it was very serious.  Out of 15 supplements I took daily, she cut out all but 1 or 2.  She told me to take high doses of 5HTP (a natural substance found in the body that balances emotions) and other nutritional products.  She also had me take various homeopathic remedies I had never heard of, many of which were from Germany.  But truth is the truth: what she was telling me was the truth -– I felt it intuitively.” 

According to Linda with the help of the pendulum and a data base she was able to eliminate from Khalil’s daily regimen of supplements those that were either not effective or were not tolerated by his body.

Two weeks into Linda’s treatment, a rash appeared on Khalil’s right arm and left ankle.  According to Linda it was a reaction to the parasites, candida (a form of fungus), and heavy metal toxins the supplements were causing Khalil’s body to expel. 

Resentful, wanting to prove her wrong, craving ice cream, coca cola, Doritos and steak, Khalil headed for an integrative medical doctor in Santa Monica.  He continued to follow Linda’s protocol but had the new doctor test his blood, urine, saliva and stool.  When 10 days later the test results started coming in, he was astounded.  For the most part, the lab results concurred with the diagnoses Linda had channeled.

Khalil has now been seeing Linda for months. He reports he now sleeps through most nights. His body has changed — body fat has disappeared and he can see developed abdominal muscles for first time in years.  His waist has shrunk from a 32 to a 30.  His mood is more stable.  He is much less aggressive  — “and way happier.” 

Moral of the story:  Linda is clearly doing something very right and amazing.  All the testimonials in the book aside, right here in Malibu we have living proof.   We look forward to more.


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  • Betsy Pristera

    I read an article about you in the Alternative Medicine Magazine. I am interested in your pricing for a reading.

  • Christa Kowert

    I have had a terrible anxiety disorder my whole life. My Father had it also but it only manifested later in life…like in his 40’s. My daughter has it also. She became anorexic and has OCD.
    I know something is really wrong in our genes but have no way of knowing how to fix it. I need a medical intuitive to help.
    My husband is a Lutheran Pastor and I am a music teacher and a church music director. My daughter was a national merit scholar and was a very gifted violinist. She was in 2 professional orchestras at the age of 16. Now she is disabled. What do you recommend we do?
    Christa Kowert

  • Christa Kowert

    I have had a terrible anxiety disorder my whole life. My Father had it also but it only manifested later in life…like in his 40’s. My daughter has it also. She became anorexic and has OCD.
    I know something is really wrong in our genes but have no way of knowing how to fix it. I need a medical intuitive to help.
    My husband is a Lutheran Pastor and I am a music teacher and a church music director. My daughter was a national merit scholar and was a very gifted violinist. She was in 2 professional orchestras at the age of 16. Now she is disabled. What do you recommend we do?
    Christa Kowert

  • forensic investigator

    Quality content is the important to attract the viewers to visit the web page, that’s what this site is providing.

  • edwin s

    I heard you two on coast to coast am 1600 with George nory amd I am intrigued. I am going to biy the book and would also like to get a reading. I suffer from diabetes tyoe2, depression, high bp you name it.

  • Mary Jo

    I m not sure if you ll answer this….My son was crippled 12yrs ago, maybe by a vaccine?? It atophied his upper muscles in his chest and arms and has affected his walking…he s so brave dealing with this but he s getting tired an weak etc….Is there anything I can do to make his muscles grow back, how can I help him?…I m into natural healing and I know you have to clean out the whole body….I don’t know if you charge for the answers…let us know, we ll win the lottery
    Love and Light

  • Crysta Lee

    I listened to Linda and David Freud on KFI’s Coast-to-Coast recent show and when I heard David mention how Linda’s gift was activated by David entering her life–when he said that, my instant intuitive impression was the activating of abilities of such a powerful force directed toward helping people and changing people’s lives for the greater good of humanity would be due to the two of you being Twin Flames. Twin Flame union is the ultimate reunification of the other “half” or mirror image of our soul that God created with the intention of a reunion of two halves of one soul that can together perform miracles in this phsyical world with a divine purpose to set out together to spread love for the greater good of humanity. This happens after many lifetimes of the Twin Souls living separately and apart from each other in order to move and grow through all the human experiences necessary for transcendence of the ego-self to bring us back to the God-centered reality of our unlimited potential as light beings of love. This is done separately–until usually when both people have moved through the experiences necessary to mature to a state of God-centeredness and at a point to be able to accept the extremely high vibration that occurs when coming back together with their twin soul–it is the twin flame union that is the highest of all unions where God directly guides and protects the Union so the Twins can perform miracles, in a sense, giving toward the greater good of humanity for the purpose of re-teaching oneness and re-connection of our true unlimited love and light beings capable of successfully helping the human consciousness raise to a higher vibration to ascend into the fifth dimension leaving behind the illusions of fear and dualtiy and as a result living in a dimension where prosperity is equal to all souls and not just a select few; and only love resides and fear cannot exist; and a Mother Earth who heals through the raised awareness of how to live respecting her own living and breathing state. Ultimatley changing the momentum toward destruction and instead using all the parts of ourselves that God intended us to be in order to spread God centered Love and no longer allowing the dark ones to have power over us and control us. We are life and there is never death; only the leaving behind the vehicles used to house our soul that lives on forever. Twin Flames is the final reunification of the other half of our own soul so as to carry out God’s will of spreading pure love and light. I believe the two of you are just that!

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