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Call to Action: Help Us End the Blue Cross “Checks-to-Addicts” Policy

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Call to Action: Help Us End the Blue Cross “Checks-to-Addicts” Policy

IMG_1173.JPGState Senator Ted Lieu is on his way to Congress, so last month I met with Assemblyman Richard Bloom who for the last year has also been an advocate for changing the Blue Cross policy.  This blog has several times reported about the problem of addicts in early recovery who received Blue Cross checks meant to pay for their treatment, and used the money to relapse, and in some cases overdose, as well as to pay their mortgages, bills and go on shopping sprees for big-ticket items including cars. 

Many treatment centers in California and elsewhere have already responded with stories about theirfinancial losses, and the tragedies this misguided Blue Cross policy has caused.  While in Nashville, Tennessee recently, we visited American Addiction Centers, owned by Michael and Tina Cartwright, which just went public.  All of their treatment centers have been hard hit, especially the two in California.

Assemblyman Bloom, a lawyer by training, has asked us to assemble impact statements from CaliforniaThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for assemblyman richard bloom.jpg treatment centers that have lost money as a result of the Blue Cross national policy, and also impact statements from the families whose loved one had cashed one or more checks.  He plans to demonstrate not just the financial harm to California businesses, but the harm to public safety. 

A committee of our alumni have been reaching out to out-of-network treatment providers in California to identify victims of the Blue Cross policy.  If you do not get a call, please send an email to  We will send impact statements for the families whose lives have been impacted.

Last month, Malibu Beach Recovery Center settled a lawsuit with Anthem Blue Cross of California.  We were told this was a first.   Our attorney, Steve White, is trying to convince other judges throughout the state about the harm Blue Cross is doing.    

Photos (above):

Back row:  Oleg Vidov, Fred Sauer, Utilization Review Manager; Attorney Brad Henderson

Middle row: Tina Cartwright, CEO of Clinical Revenue Management Services of American Addiction Centers; Joan Borsten,  Attorney Jacob Guinn


Front Row: Linda Lewis, P2P Collections; Leigh Tucker, P2P Collections Manager.

Photo (right):  Assemblyman Richard Bloom

  • sally

    While this is obviously a problem, I think the bigger issue lies in the number of treatment providers billing excessively as “out of network” providers and the insurance companies willingness to pay out of network providers larger amounts than their “in-network” providers. Behavioral healthcare costs have skyrocketed consequently causing great harm to the industry as a whole.

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