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Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Men at the Corral Canyon House

Drug Rehab for Men

Malibu Beach Recovery Centers (MBRC) offers an innovative, integrative, and proven substance abuse treatment program in Southern California, tailored specifically for male clients. Recognizing each client as a unique individual with distinctive needs, our multidisciplinary program provides an exclusive individualized treatment plan for restoring brain chemistry, overcoming addiction and achieving lasting recovery.

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment for Men

At Malibu Beach Recovery Centers, we strongly believe that gender-specific addiction treatment is most effective for healing and rehabilitation. Men and women have unique traits, role pressures, and societal expectations that affect and propel addiction in very different ways. For this reason, all levels of care at Malibu Beach Recovery Centers, from residential to outpatient, treat men and women separately to create the most comfortable environment for both genders.

When men and women are together, they naturally tend to act in a paradigm that can prevent them from being open and truly submersing themselves in recovery. For men in recovery, it’s important to create a space where they can feel comfortable being themselves. At Malibu Beach Recovery Centers, we strive to foster an atmosphere where men feel at ease sharing their stories and exploring ways to make the changes needed to transform their lives.

Men And Addiction

Men struggling with addiction often have challenges including anger and aggression management, emotional isolation, false masculinity, relationship or sexual issues and other co-occurring mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). At the Corral Canyon House, men participate in an intense, integrative treatment program that includes a wide range of therapeutic modalities to help patients manage and overcome these issues, allowing them to lead a more fulfilling life in sobriety.

The Corral Canyon House

On a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Corral Canyon House for men offers a safe, discreet setting to resolve issues alongside supportive male peers. The breathtaking views from our serene, beautiful location provide the perfect healing setting to inspire clients to begin the journey back to health and well-being. At the Corral Canyon House, men participate in an intense, integrative treatment program that includes a wide range of therapeutic modalities to guide clients to lasting recovery.

Our Compassionate Staff

What makes the Corral Canyon House truly unique is our family setting. Our clients spend a lot of time with our treatment specialists and form strong friendships that are paramount to the healing process. Our clinical staff is deeply invested in every client’s recovery journey. The Corral Canyon House cultivates a homelike environment that creates a space for our treatment specialists to really listen to clients and understand them on a personal level.

Through integrated therapies and group sessions, our compassionate and experienced staff helps each client identify and address the issues impacting their addiction and recovery, including those issues that are unique to men. We work with clients to help them understand their triggers and identify cravings on a very subtle level. Each of our clients receives an individualized treatment plan that helps break the cycle of addiction, allowing them to emerge physically and emotionally stronger, healthier and on the path to a long-lasting recovery.

Integrated Approach To Recovery

Our philosophy at Malibu Beach Recovery Centers is that healing and the process of recovery can take multiple forms that will be different for everyone. We offer proven and integrated therapies that target all pathways that affect the self – mind, body, and spirit.

Get Help Today

Addiction recovery is all about bringing back your humanness and your ability to love yourself and those around you. If you are still breathing, there is hope. Please reach out for help – it will be the most important decision you’ve ever made. Call Malibu Beach Recovery Centers today.

Innovative Therapies

Each client’s unique treatment plan is fully integrated, incorporating medical, clinical, experiential and holistic therapeutic modalities. 

  • Medical – A multidisciplinary team of physicians, counselors and therapists coordinate care for each client as they progress through treatment, from medically supervised detoxification through discharge planning.
  • Clinical – RecoveryMind Training is complemented by a variety of gender-specific group therapies that address the full array of issues related to addiction and build the skills to support a lasting recovery. Groups allow clients to consider multiple perspectives, while receiving support and encouragement from one another.
  • Experiential – Expressive art therapy, movement therapy, music therapy, cooking classes and animal-assisted therapy working with horses and wolves empower clients and foster growth and healing.
  • Holistic – Meditation, mindfulness, yoga and nutrition promote a healthy body and mind. A Morning Inspiration and Evening Reflection encourage clients to set specific daily goals and reflect on their progress, while the Connecting with Spirituality Group encourages clients to explore their life’s meaning and purpose.


  • Malibu Beach Recovery Centers is already well recognized as one of the leading addiction treatment centers on the West Coast. Their multidisciplinary approach to treating the entire person – the mind, body and spirit – is enabling clients to overcome addiction and receive the tools needed to sustain their recoveries.

    Garrett O’Connor, MDFormer CEO & Medical Director The Betty Ford Center
  • "Malibu Beach Recovery Centers' emphasis on the importance of exercise, movement and mindfulness plays a major role in enabling a full recovery. This art of recovery combined with evidence-based science of the chronic disease management framework makes MBRC a national leader in addiction treatment and recovery.”

    Dr. David BaronD.O., M.Ed., Professor, the University of Southern California & Director of USC Sports Medicine
  • “I am very impressed at what you have been able to accomplish… This type of neurotransmitter agonistic therapy you have here at Malibu Beach Recovery Centers reaches far beyond just overcoming an addiction; it prepares the individual for the first time to have a chance at living a happy and joyful sober existence for the rest of their lives.”

    Dr. Kenneth Blum PhD, internationally recognized authority and researcher on neuropsychopharmacology and genetics

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