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You Oughta Be in Pictures

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You Oughta Be in Pictures

You’ve heard about The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, right? The non-profit program that educates about substance abuse and tries to raise awareness? It’s recently been renamed The Partnership at and has redone its website. I happen to follow this group because I’ve found it helpful—especially when my son hit the teenage years and I wanted to know more about how to talk to him about drugs.

They’re offering the chance for you writers out there to have your say (albeit a short one), post your photo, and support their efforts.  Collagefore-alert (1).jpg

A recent email from the organization told of this Facebook Photo Campaign: “Share Why You Believe in Drug and Alcohol Prevention.” They’ve done a really nice job.   

Here’s part of the email:

Help us share reasons why Prevention of Drug & Alcohol Abuse Is Important to You! Take a photo with your answer on this PDF and post it to our Facebook page. Don’t forget to tag yourself and spread the word!

The Personal TWIBBON Campaign:

Help The Partnership at by wearing your own virtual ribbon. Add our Twibbon sticker to your facebook page or tweet your support.   


In other words, if you click on the link above, or go here: there’s a file you can download and use to answer why you think that preventing drug and alcohol abuse is important. (Then you post it to their Faceebook page.)You’ll see that those of you who Tweet can help in that way as well. By the way, here’s their Website:


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