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Welcome and Good Luck to the Breathe Life Healing Center

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Welcome and Good Luck to the Breathe Life Healing Center

As the press release from the Breathe Life Healing Center says, some all-stars in the addiction and recovery field have come together to offer two treatment centers, one in NY and another in L.A. They offer a sober living environment offering spiritual and life skills development, along with a trauma healing track. The New York location  is open now, and the one in L.A. will open in September. The centers focuses on a range of clients—those with chemical dependency, anxiety and/or depression, and obesity-related recovery.  (Note that the centers accept clients after acute detox for chemical dependency.)

lamm.jpgBrad Lamm, a board-registered interventionist who has worn several hats in his career, designed the program with cofounder Rev. Michael Ingersoll (the program is not faith-based, however), and then recruited Tian Dayton, Ph.D., as Director of Clinical Programming. Lamm has appeared on The Today Show and the Dr. Oz Show, and is known for inspiring people to make life changes. He created and produced an  8-part series, “Addicted to Food”, for Oprah’s network and has written several books on subjects relating to changing one’s life.

It may not be an exaggeration to say that everyone in the addiction and recovery field knows Dayton and the type of work she does. She’s written 15 books on addiction and recovery and trauma, and is a board certified trainer in psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy.  Dayton has been associated with several renowned treatment organizations and has been a guest expert on NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Montel, Rikki Lake, John Walsh, Geraldo.  She and Lamm make a caring team, and Rev. Ingersall adds a spiritual dynamic that encourages a deeper discovery of “the spiritual force.” Even simply visiting Dayton’s site can inspire people. I perused it for background material for this post and left feeling uplifted!

Kathy Willis, former MBRC executive director, now works for Brad and has personal experience with the Breathe concepts. Here’s  the inside lowdown on Brad and Tian:Kathy_Leigh_Willis.jpg

“Brad is a very dynamic, charismatic and imaginative person.  He has great vision of how to approach addictions of all types and help people towards better lives. His inspiration for the original Breathe LHC in Manhattan was based on what he saw as the need for good transitional living in NYC.  However, he soon realized he wanted to do something different and came up with the idea of having a series of focused workshops and a base of spirituality.  

The spirituality does not put people off at all.  We had an open house in March 2013, and within three weeks, all the beds were full.  Brad  then leased an apartment around the corner for stage 4 people, those who have done 90 days and need something longer but with less structure.  The guests really enjoy the total involvement of the staff, the schedules set up for them and the spiritual involvement.  Breathe has yoga and meditation every day as well.  There is no staff person who sleeps at the house, the staff is 24/7 and always awake.  With no bed or bedroom for a staff person to sleep in, they are always on duty if a guest wakes and needs to talk.

“One of Brad’s focuses is on food and weight.  He is particularly interested in binge eating disorder and has reserved two beds at Breathe, Manhattan for these clients.  For Breathe, LA, he has three houses, one of which is totally for these interests.

“Brad has had a working relationship as well as a friendship with Tian for awhile, and when he spoke with her about wanting to open a clinic for trauma work for people with addiction and/or life problems, she was very interested in using her long expertise and experience with psycho-drama as a base for this work.  Brad is opening a second clinic here in LA on W. Sunset in W. Hollywood.

“Tian is training several of us who have some background in Psycho-Drama and I have written a 5-day family program that we will be doing at the clinic once every 3-4 weeks.  (In NY, it will be every 6 weeks.)  With all the newer information regarding neuro-physiology, trauma and addiction, something experiential as opposed to standard education and process is extremely exciting.  Psycho-drama seems to be a way to bring to the surface otherwise defended emotional material that often leads to relapse. 

“Because of her long history, Tian will be training everyone who works in the clinic on psycho-drama, but we will also be using other methods to deal with addiction and trauma.”

Again, best of luck to Brad, Rev. Ingersall, and Tian.




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