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Dr. Kenneth Blum Joins Malibu Beach Recovery Center Team As Neuroscience Advisor

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Dr. Kenneth Blum Joins Malibu Beach Recovery Center Team As Neuroscience Advisor

Dr. Kenneth Blum has joined Malibu Beach Recovery Center as its Neuroscience Advisor.  Dr. Blum has spent more than 20-years researching the link between genetics and addiction and, with co-author Dr. Ernest Noble, published a seminal study in the Journal of American Medical Association which established a correlation between the brain’s dopamine D2 Receptor Taq 1allele and addiction.  At Malibu Beach Recovery Center, Dr. Blum will keep staff apprised of ongoing research and findings relative to substance abuse and its impact on the brain’s all-important mood regulatory system, and how that knowledge can then be used for each patient’s benefit.     IMG_0019.jpg

Dr. Blum, age 72, became familiar with the Malibu Beach Recovery Center in 2009 and discovered that it is one of the few treatment programs in the United States based on neuroscience.  That same year, Dr. Blum endorsed Malibu Beach Recovery Center’s program.  In 2011 the Center’s treatment modalities were recognized as cutting edge after the American Society of Addiction Medicine formally redefined addiction as a chronic brain disease which impacts the brain’s reward circuitry.   

“The brain is the new frontier,” stated Dr. Kenneth Blum, “and through neuroscience we now have better ways and means of understanding and treating addiction.  As Malibu Beach Recovery Center’s Neuroscience Advisor, I have the unique opportunity to play a role in helping patients overcome addiction and achieve long term sobriety through a meld of neuroscience, healthy lifestyle choices, dietary changes, counseling and the teachings manifest in the 12-Step Program.”   

“We welcome Dr. Blum as a member of our team, “said Joan Borsten, CEO and co-founder with her husband, Oleg Vidov, of the Malibu Beach Recovery Center,” and are confident that his forward-thinking will benefit the individuals we treat.  His presence has already made a difference as we’ve incorporated neutraceuticals developed and patented by Dr. Blum’s research team to help raise the chronically low dopamine levels of our clients.” 

Currently, Dr. Blum is a Full Professor at the University of Florida’s  McKnight Brain Institute and an Adjunct Professor in its College of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry.  He coined the phrase “reward deficiency syndrome,” and has written 12 books and published more than 500 articles in peer review journals.  Often called “The Father of Psychiatric Genetics,” Dr. Blum serves on 13 editorial review boards, is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Genetic Syndromes & Gene Therapy and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the new BMC Journal “Integrative Omics and Molecular Biology.”   He is also an honorary professor in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Vermont. 


Photo (left to right):  Oleg Vidov, Joan Borsten, Dr. Kenneth Blum, Margaret Madigan (Lifegen Department of Nutrigenomics) at the entrance to the Malibu Beach Recovery Center.

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