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What Happens To The Health Resolutions We Make?

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What Happens To The Health Resolutions We Make?

Why is it, you might think, that we are so good at making resolutions and so bad at keeping them?

It comes first from our expectations of what we want.  Looking at beautiful model in a magazine and making myself the promise that I will look like that in 6 months is setting myself up for disaster…but it also is in our nature and unless we allow for that understanding, we cannot make headway in any field that relates to our perception of ourselves.

The way most people are able to make lasting changes to their lives is to accommodate for their lifestyle and personal preferences and make one change at a time within parameters that are attainable.  You do not start an activity change by going from a sedentary life to running a marathon tomorrow…chances are you will burn yourself out and reinstate a negative perception of yourself in addition.  But you can promise to take your dog out for a walk once a day and lengthen your walk by one block every week until you are walking a healthy mile and it becomes no effort to you.

The same goes in the kitchen.  While it is radical to make imperative and gigantic changes in the way you feed yourself, and some might be tempted by the challenge, it is also much more difficult to sustain that effort in the long run.  Also, you might think of it as a temporary fix, where the requirements of your sobriety would rather have you think in terms of permanent changes.

So how can we make these changes, one at a time, and have them stick with us long enough that we can actually see the benefits.  Because, let’s be honest, once we see the benefits, we will be even more motivated to continue pursuing our new choices.

My answer is in the way we shop.  The ingredients that you use are the best way to modify your food intake in a substantial manner to induce rapid results.  The changes should not break the bank or require such dramatic distances to cross.  You want to eliminate the source of reluctance that you will most certainly experience and that might become a road-block to your success.  We hate change as much as we hate restrictions and will build any excuse to stay in the status quo.

These three solutions should be easy to implement in your new way of cooking.

  • Replace more meat with less of it and better quality. Look for the labels “organic” or “grass fed”.  Find alternate ways of cooking cheaper cuts of meat through pressure cooking, stewing or braising.  But let go of the big hunks of meat on the barbecue.  We no longer sustain the activities of cavemen to justify such an intake of meat.
  • Make home cooked meal a priority and eating out the exception. Just by reversing the ratio of food that you know are good for you with the store-bought or restaurant foods, you are taking a new handle on your health.  In restaurants, chose foods that are laden with spices, like curries and middle eastern foods as they are more likely to contain less sugar than traditional recipes.
  • Replace sugar unequivocally in your food by an alternate source of sweetness, whether fruits, agave or palm sugar. Try to re-educate your palate to enjoy less sweet foods. This was an acquired taste in the beginning and you can reverse it.  Learn to appreciate savory foods and fill up on them so that dessert does not need to be present at every meal.  Make it the exception, the treat, not the purpose of the meal.

When you see the benefits of these three changes on your overall health, you will not want to go back and that will be such an easy and obvious choice that you will wonder why you did not think of it before.

To your health!

Licia Jaccard
Nutritional Consultant
Malibu Beach Recovery Centers

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