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Fruit Follies At The Spring Markets

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Fruit Follies At The Spring Markets

Going to the Farmers’ Market this morning, I was completely overwhelmed by the scents and vibrant colors of the fruits that were offered to sample, discover and, of course, buy.

Spring is such a radiant time to enjoy fresh, juicy fruits and you are giving yourself an incredible boost of vitamins and minerals at the same time. Think of aguas frescas when you have difficulties drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. Think of making a smoothie with those less than perfect berries you collected from the end vendors at the farmers’ market. Make clafoutis or cobblers with the stone fruits that ooze juice when you bite into them.

Fruits can also make a stunning addition to any savory meal. Salads get a boost of freshness with cut strawberries, spinach and poppy seeds. Or a chicken salad that incorporates almonds and orange or mandarin segments. Add apricots to your couscous with a teaspoon of curry powder for the perfect Mediterranean influenced side dish to chicken. And when figs come into season, they complement chicken with mustard sauce in a beautiful way.

Also remember to make smoothies, add fruits to tea or simply add a slice of lemon or orange to your water for a more refreshing drink.

By incorporating as many fruits as you can into your daily diet, you increase your absorption of vitamins and minerals. Also, while it is still a step ahead, eating more fruits is the open door to eating more vegetables until you come to the 2 cups of fruits and 2 ½ cups of vegetables recommended in healthy eating.

Remember to always eat fruits when they are in season, as this is when they are at their peak of ripeness and vitamin content.

Sometimes, just taking the time to dice fruits into a beautiful fruit salad is all it takes. At my house, a blend of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and pineapple is always a hit. Add a little vanilla extract and leave it at room temperature to encourage the juices to blend. For my kids, not having to peel the apple and being able to dig right in did the trick.

A quick way is also to toss some fruit into your breakfast: add half a cup of berries to your yogurt or cereals and you will soon not be able to do without.

Baking fruit will allow you to make magnificent desserts without adding sugar. The natural sugar of the fruit, fructose, is easily digested without causing spikes of insulin delivered to your blood as white sugar does. Pies, cobblers, clafoutis are a great way to enjoy fruit and finish your meal on a sweet note.

As always, learn to sit at the table with no other distractions than good conversation. Put the work, the phones and the tv away for just that moment and enjoy your food!

Bon Appetit!
Licia Jaccard

Email me at for comments, recipes and assistance in making the Malibu Beach Recovery Diet an integral part of your life.

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