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Gentle Detox in Los Angeles

Drug and alcohol detox is an important first step toward recovery from substance abuse. At Malibu Beach Recovery Centers’ Brentwood House in West Los Angeles, we provide compassionate care for clients requiring medically supervised detox from alcohol, drugs and pain medication. Our intimate, homelike setting enables us to provide highly individualized treatment, including a team of experienced detox specialists available 24/7 to ensure that clients are safe and comfortable at all times. Helping clients recover is our top priority – we offer same day placement and accept most PPO insurance.


Substance abuse harms the mind, body and soul. Detoxification is a process during which the body rids itself of those substances, a key step in restoring health and well-being.

With 24/7 staffing by professionals who have a background in nursing and close proximity to world-class hospitals, our client’s safety is paramount. Clients detoxing at Brentwood House can feel relaxed and secure as they take this important initial step in their recovery journey.

We strive to make detox as comfortable as possible. A physician visits each client upon arrival and throughout detox, ensuring they can receive the most effective medications shown to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. Our entire staff is trained, experienced and dedicated to providing knowledgeable, attentive and compassionate support.


Brentwood House offers an intimate, homelike setting that contributes to a sense of serenity and peace, allowing clients to focus on healing.

The home, located on a quiet, tree-lined block near Malibu on the Westside of Los Angeles, features private and semi-private rooms and bathrooms, a media center, gourmet kitchen and a yoga studio, where clients can do gentle exercises and breath work to relieve anxiety and calm the mind.

Clients gather in our spacious dining room for healthy, delicious meals prepared by our chefs, who are attuned to the nutritional needs of clients in detox. Through conversation and sharing around the dinner table, our clients receive, and offer, valuable support and encouragement for each other.

Our Process

All clients receive a comprehensive assessment and individualized plan to guide treatment during detox, and as they continue on in their recovery journey. During detox, which lasts from three to seven days, we introduce a range of medical, clinical and holistic treatment modalities.

Medical – Medications shown to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings may be prescribed according to patient needs and medical necessity.

Clinical – During detox, clients begin the process of recovering physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually from addiction. Because addiction can disrupt sleep patterns, we work with clients on restoring their ability get a restful night’s sleep, and introduce motivational interviewing, helping clients identify purposeful motivations for change.

Holistic – When addictive substances leave the body, clients may feel anxious, fearful and unsettled. We use a variety of holistic therapies to ease these feelings, including massage, breath work, yoga, journaling, and music therapy.

Clients who successfully complete detox leave physically and emotionally prepared for a seamless transition to residential treatment in Malibu at the Latigo House, Corral Canyon or for outpatient addiction treatment.


There are numerous addictive substances, both legally manufactured and illegally produced, that can damage the brain’s reward system, requiring an integrative approach to detoxification. Malibu Beach Recovery Centers provides comprehensive detox at the Brentwood House for clients who have addiction to any of the following substances:


  • Malibu Beach Recovery Centers is already well recognized as one of the leading addiction treatment centers on the West Coast. Their multidisciplinary approach to treating the entire person – the mind, body and spirit – is enabling clients to overcome addiction and receive the tools needed to sustain their recoveries.

    Garrett O’Connor, MDFormer CEO & Medical Director The Betty Ford Center
  • "Malibu Beach Recovery Centers' emphasis on the importance of exercise, movement and mindfulness plays a major role in enabling a full recovery. This art of recovery combined with evidence-based science of the chronic disease management framework makes MBRC a national leader in addiction treatment and recovery.”

    Dr. David BaronD.O., M.Ed., Professor, the University of Southern California & Director of USC Sports Medicine
  • “I am very impressed at what you have been able to accomplish… This type of neurotransmitter agonistic therapy you have here at Malibu Beach Recovery Centers reaches far beyond just overcoming an addiction; it prepares the individual for the first time to have a chance at living a happy and joyful sober existence for the rest of their lives.”

    Dr. Kenneth Blum PhD, internationally recognized authority and researcher on neuropsychopharmacology and genetics

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