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From Four Loko to Whipahol

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From Four Loko to Whipahol

These days, alcohol temptations for college kids are like that arcade game whac-a-mole, where you knock one cardboard mole down and another one immediately takes its place. Just when the Four Loko manufacturers agreed to remove the caffeine and other stimulants from its drink, whipped cream infused with alcohol makes the news.Thumbnail image for iced drink.jpg 

The Whipahol, or Whipped Lightning, website is sophisticated: a black background with drinks in bold colors. The whipped cream on each drink draws you in. The flavors are enticing, too:  Caramel Pecan, Hazelnut espresso…and to try and sound responsible, the company calls these adult flavors. I won’t lie—the toppings look delicious, and truth be told, I wouldn’t mind trying them. But I’m not a college kid looking for kicks.

One news site called it “the new Four Loko.” Several said it’s extremely popular on college campuses. Yet another asked, “Is there anything manufacturers won’t put alcohol in?”   

The CBS News site asked: WHAT DO YOU THINK?  

Are the health police going too far, or should regulators worry about what college kids drink?

The health police. How about the concerned parents? Concerned educators? Concerned addiction specialists? I get tongue-tied about this subject because it’s so close to my heart. But you don’t have to have alcoholism in your family to know the facts: how vulnerable the still-developing brain is, how campus drinking has been shown to increase crime…. 

The son of a friend of mine was drinking at a campus party last year and couldn’t find his designated driver when it was time to leave. Decided to drive himself home. He ran a stop sign and was stopped by a policeman. Because he was charged with DUI, the school suspended him from the swim team for a semester. That was pretty much his life. My friend is trying to convince him that he can recoup and he hasn’t ruined his life, but her son is mortified. 

Picture all the kids putting Whipahol, which contains 18% alcohol, atop their drinks on campus. Picture it tasting so good that they don’t stop at one. Now picture them getting behind the wheel of a car. 

I don’t know what the answer is, but I sure wish I did.

  • sydney

    I’d say this is far more dangerous than 4loko simply because of how easily it could fall into the hands of very small children and be ingested accidentally.

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