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Bath Salts Part 2: Miles returns to his former self

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Bath Salts Part 2: Miles returns to his former self

On April 16, 2012 we wrote about Miles, his use of the very dangerous designer stimulant “bath salts,” and the manic behavior that occured weeks after he stopped using them, suggesting the chemicals in “bath salts” have a rebound effect.

Here is the end of the story, as told by his mother.Man in the Fog.jpg

“Miles ended up getting kicked out of the next rehab (NOTE:  a very tough behavior modification treatment center in the San Fernando Valley).  He stayed out in their lobby for hours, trying to get someone to pick him up.  It took everything we had inside as a family to say no, but we all did and so did his long-time girlfriend.  He was cold, hungry and out on the street in a very bad area.  The treatment  center staff gave him a sack lunch and let him keep his belongings in their storage room, but he had to leave when they closed the lobby.  He went to a meeting and got a “couch commitment” for the night.

“My husband picked him up the next morning to take him to see his probation officer.   When he picked him up, Miles was completely subdued and grateful.  My husband said they had the best day together.  He brought him to our home  and made arrangements for Miles to stay in a hotel down the street from probation for one night, then they got Miles into a sober living house from Thursday thru Tuesday, at which point Miles was scheduled to go to court for a review.  Interestingly, Miles stayed in the hotel room all night by himself, ate pizza and watched hockey on TV (we know because he called his dad and brother throughout the entire game as they were watching it here).  He walked to the probation office the next morning and was instructed to report there each morning until court.  He had to attend double and triple meetings until court.  After that meeting with probation he took a cab to the sober living house with his belongings and stayed there as instructed.  He walked everywhere he needed to go for the next several days and went to lots of meetings. He didn’t ask for his car back, which we would have refused anyway but we didn’t have to.

“After he left [the Valley behavior modification rehab] with 2 big bags of meds, the only thing he took was Gabapentin and Seroquel at night for anxiety and sleep!  My husband picked him up Sunday morning and brought him to offload most of his clothes and shoes and he gave me his bags of meds and said he didn’t need them!  He went to church with us, did laundry, watched hockey with his dad and brother and we had a barbeque that evening with all of the kids and grandkids.  Miles was like his old self and happy and compliant.  My husband took him back to the sober living house that evening and he went to court on Tuesday. 

“He was drug tested at probation prior to his review and they tested him for everything they could and they all came back negative.  Then he went to court and he was given a “strike” for hopping from place to place and not calling his probation officer to let them know where he was going.  If only they knew how crazy and out of control he was during that month, they would know why he never called.  They court-ordered him to the Salvation Army for 6 months.   He accepted the fact that he would go and got himself on a waiting list.

“We took Miles to the Salvation Army yesterday morning.  We checked him in and we will not have contact with him for about 30 days unless they feel he has information we need to know.  He can’t have his cell phone for 6 months and he will work 5 days a week for $1 a day.  He could only bring underwear and toiletries.  He was ok on the way down and even though 6 months is a long time, he said he is sick of the “lifestyle” and “too much drama”.  While he was at the sober living he spent a day with a sober friend and 2 sober girls and had a blast and that seemed to make such an impression, that he could have a fun day clean and sober and be happy.  Miles faces jail and/or prison if he leaves or gets kicked out of the Salvation Army, so we are hoping and praying his mindset stays as it has been the past week-committed, surrendered and focused on his recovery.

“I may have told you more than you wanted to know, but it has been such a ride and I am grateful that thus far it hasn’t ended in our planning a funeral for Miles.  I don’t understand how and why he went from utter chaos and craziness to a calm, happy young man, but I feel that I had my “real son” back when he came back from Valley.  It did send a strong message when we all turned our backs on him and he has since lost his girlfriend of the past 5 years altogether now.  She won’t return his calls and messages and we support her in moving on without Miles.  We believe she has had enough and is also a distraction for Miles in his recovery.  He is insecure without her but is beginning to see that this is life and it’s time for him to deal with it.

“I hope the ‘more to come’ is a good ending to the story of ‘Miles’.  I still wonder if the 2 months of out of control, manicky, crazy behavior has anything to do with the bath salts.  I have never seen Miles quite like that and I hope I never do again. 

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