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Once an individual has made the brave decision to get clean and rid themselves of their addiction, they must then select the right facility to receive the help they need. Malibu Beach Recovery Centers is one of California’s leading treatment centers for detox from the prescription drug Ativan. Our staff is equipped to help every patient that enters our space, no matter the duration of Ativan addiction or severity. We are wholly committed to treating the whole individual, not just the physical symptoms that come about during detoxification. Instead, we make sure our clients are comfortable during this process, and have the tools necessary to remain clean and sober long after they’ve left our care.

Understanding Ativan

Ativan, also known as lorazepan, is benzodiazepine prescription drug that is legal in the United States. It is a highly effective drug when used properly, and can be used to treat a range of ailments including nausea and vomiting, insomnia, anxiety, and even epilepsy. This prescription drug is also prescribed to individuals suffering from an addiction to alcohol to help lessen the impact of their unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Ativan come in pill form, and is therefore consumed orally by those misusing the medication.

In recent years, prescription drugs like Ativan have become a serious problem, as many individuals have developed unhealthy and even life-threatening dependencies on these medications. In fact, in 2015 53 million Americans over the age of twelve reported using a prescription medication for a non-medical reason, and 15 million individuals use them in a way that classifies as abuse. In California specifically, drug abuse is the number one cause of premature death. Cities across the state and country, including Malibu and West Los Angeles, are suffering from a prescription drug epidemic. What makes these medications so dangerous is that they are legal, and widely available. Oftentimes people will gain access to Ativan through a family member who has been prescribed the drug.

Why Addiction to Ativan Occurs

Many people develop an addiction to Ativan because they become hooked on the way it makes them feel. When taken, this medication works by putting users into a very relaxed and calm, almost trance-like state. It has the ability to calm the brain’s nervous activity, leaving only feelings of happiness and euphoria. This pleasurable state drives users who have experienced these intense feelings to continue use. They want to keep feeling as good as they do while on the drug.

Another reason addiction to Ativan occurs is because an individual was prescribed the medication for a legitimate reason, however they grow to build a dependence on it just to function normally. Despite originally using Ativan to treat their ailment or illness, they cannot stop taking it and start to build a tolerance for it. They’ll eventually need more and more of the drug to feel good again.

Lastly, an addiction to Ativan can sadly also occur because people think that its legality makes it a safer choice. They often compare the use of this prescription drug to illicit drugs such as heroin or cocaine, believing that if it were really dangerous doctors would not use it legally across the country and around the world. As we’ve seen, however, Ativan can be incredibly dangerous and even deadly when abused.

Spotting an Addiction to Ativan

Individuals that have developed an addiction to Ativan may display a number of symptoms, giving away that they are abusing the medication. These symptoms can include slurred speech, mood swings, drowsiness, slow reflexes, and intoxication similar to what is experienced while under the influence of alcohol. The most telltale sign of an addiction to Ativan is a prolonged use of the drug. This is because most doctors will not prescribe it for a long period of time; in fact, most prescriptions are written only for a period of four months or shorter. Therefore, someone who is consuming Ativan for a length of time longer than four months is likely misusing the drug and may even be addicted.

Detoxing from Ativan at Malibu Beach Recovery Centers

Making the choice to stop your use of Ativan once and for all may just save your life. At our top-rated detox facility, we are eager to help you achieve your full potential, and this starts with removing Ativan from your system through detoxification. Simply put, detox is getting rid of all traces of the drug from your body. This can occur through one of two ways. First, some people choose to detox by going “cold turkey.” This means that they will immediately stop taking the medication at once. The other way to detox, and the method we recommend at Malibu Beach Recovery Centers, is by gradually reducing the dose taken over time.

By quitting all at once, the body is sent into a state of shock, experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms as it attempts to adjust to its unfamiliar drug-free state. This can be dangerous and in some cases even fatal. To keep our patients safe and comfortable, we take the time to wean each client off of Ativan. Though a lengthier process, we provide continuous support to keep each recovery patient confident and motivated. After an initial consultation, our highly skilled staff will create an individualized detoxification plan for every client, taking into account their specific needs based on their history of Ativan addiction. This personalized level of care is characteristic of Malibu Beach Recovery Centers, and is unmatched anywhere else.

Ativan Withdrawal Symptoms

Detoxing from Ativan is no easy feat, but it is well worth the difficult moments. When riding your body of this medication, a number of negative withdrawal symptoms are likely to be present. Such withdrawal symptoms can include a loss of appetite, numbness or tingling in the extremities, an increased reaction to sound, touch, and light, fever, muscle pain, mood changes, rapid heartbeat, and in some cases, seizures. While the detox process can seem intimidating, our physicians will mentally and physically prepare you for what lies ahead during detox. You will be monitored carefully throughout detoxification to make sure that no complications occur.

Withdrawal from Ativan will vary between patients, and really depends on the history of drug abuse and severity of addiction. For people who suffer from a particularly long addiction to Ativan, they will likely experience a more drawn out detox process. However, through a controlled detox even the most highly addicted individual can be successful in getting and staying clean.

Let Us Help You Heal

Malibu Beach Recovery Centers is renowned for its ability to help people from all backgrounds overcome their addiction to Ativan. We not only treat the physical symptoms that come about during detox, but we are committed to providing the subsequent steps of treatment that manage the psychological and emotional components that may have caused the addiction in the first place as well. We truly treat the whole individual, and our supportive staff will make you feel right at home.

If you or someone you know is ready to break the cycle of addiction and take back their life from the grips of Ativan, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We are standing by to help you begin your journey to health and happiness.

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