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Malibu Beach Recovery Center Alum Casey B: Off to the Races

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Malibu Beach Recovery Center Alum Casey B: Off to the Races

Recovery center alum hits the track for high-octane action


casey brown race car.jpeg

Casey B. is an alumnus of Malibu Beach Recovery Center.  As can be seen by the photographs of Casey’s racecar, we are sponsoring him in the 2014 “Jack In the Box” Summer Shootout.  According to Casey these are the 10 biggest races in the Legend car racing.  The first will be held June 9, and then each successive Tuesday through July 29, 2014.

Here is Casey’s message: 

As most of you know 7 months ago I got out of the hospital after being in a coma for 7 days from a opiate overdose. As soon as I got out of the hospital I knew that I needed a major change if I wanted to stay alive and be drug free. I knew how to stay sober and all the AA ways of staying sober, but it just never would last. Or I would get bored with it.

So I decided right then and there that I was going back to North Carolina to go racing again. That’s the one thing that I absolutely love to do. Always have since I was in diapers. I love everything about racing from building cars to just hanging out at the track. I packed everything I had up and started driving down.

I started working with my uncles again restoring 68-70 chargers. I saved every penny to build a race car. It seemed like it would take forever to get it done and built,  I bought one part at a time and slowly but surely it started to come together. There were days I got discouraged. But the patience test was a huge lesson.Casey discharge pics lightened.JPG

It took me 4 months to finally have the car out on the track. I couldn’t explain in words how proud I was to finally go through with something until the end.

So anyways I have been racing hard getting my car tuned in at Concord Speedway spring series to get ready for the “Summer Shootout.”  The Shootout is the 10 biggest races in the Legend car racing. They are all televised on Fox Sports 2, and there is always a huge crowd of people that show up to watch.

I couldn’t be more grateful to have MBRC for sponsoring me, knowing I can help the sick and suffering by driving my racecar.




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