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Krissie Bergo Follow-Up: Detoxing from Suboxone

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Krissie Bergo Follow-Up: Detoxing from Suboxone

In June 2011 we wrote about Krissie Bergo, a workers’ comp claimant who was admitted to Malibu Beach Recovery Center in September 2008.  She had carpel tunnel syndrome and, as a result of four botched operations, a syndrome called RSD.  Krissie was addicted to an alarming array of Schedule II narcotics and benzodiazapines, all prescribed by Dr. Lawrence Green, DO, a Workers’ Comp pain management doctor.

After she spent more than 60 days detoxing off the fentanyl patches, actiq, morphine, oxycodone, methadone, flurazepam, and clonazepam (klonopin), another pain management doctor put her on high doses of “maintenance” suboxone.

In 2011 Krissie returned to Malibu Beach Recovery Center, not because she had relapsed but because she now wanted off the suboxone.  Before re-admitting she consulted with Dr. Kenneth Blum Phd, Malibu Beach Recovery Center Advisor on Neuroscience.

Click here to see interviews with Krissie, her plaintiff attorney George Savin, our own Dr. Lisa Benya, Dr. Mark Mandel MD, and me.  Dr. Mandel, who is an Approved Medical Examiner, probably saved her life.  He recommended to the Workers’ Comp judge that Krissie be sent to treatment when Dr. Glass was advocating implantation of a narcotic pump. 

FOOTNOTE:  About six months after sucessfully detoxing from the opioids and benzodiazapines, Krissie found herself at an AA meeting chaired by none other than Dr. Glass.  He was, as it turned out, a recovering alcoholic with many years of sobriety.   Shocked, Krissie left the meeting.  She never saw Dr. Glass again but admits her feelings toward him remain ambivalent:   The prescriptions he wrote did turn her into an addict, but he initially helped by diagnosing the RSD when no one else would or could. 

Dr. Glass committed suicide last year, reportedly after addicting himself to prescription drugs.


FOOTNOTE #2: Below left:   In Septmeber 2008 Krissie entered treatment at Malibu Beach Recovery Center.  Below right: In March 2013 Krissie placed 2nd in a 5K marathon.Krissie -2nd in 5k marathon.jpg

Krissie Arrival.jpg

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