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Kevin M: An Alaskan Finds Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol in Sunny Malibu California

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Kevin M: An Alaskan Finds Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol in Sunny Malibu California

Kevin still 4.jpgIf not for the persistence of his mom Stacey, Kevin M. might never have become a client at Malibu Beach Recovery Center.

I first heard from Stacey on February 6, 2013.  She emailed me from Wasilla Alaska.

“My son has been on a self-destruct path now for over a year. He has admitted to using the following:  Cocaine, meth, heroin, marijuana. He also has admitted to drinking.  I will tell you that he is currently incarcerated. He fell fast and furious. He stole a car and is serving a 90 sentence. He has asked for help. So therefore I’m writing to you. He knows that when he gets out here in March that he is going to need further help.”

I admit being hesitant about taking Kevin – his story was a little too horrific.  I imagined a hard core criminal. But Stacey insisted he was a great kid who lost his way and would benefit from what Malibu Beach Recovery Center had to offer.  We began with Stacey the often arduous task of getting approvals from the Departments of Justice in California and Alaska.  Improbably Kevin was allowed to leave Alaska under the Interstate Compact and spend 90 days in Malibu supervised by a Los Angeles country probation officer.

Note:  Be sure to also read the detailed comments made about this article by Kevin and Stacey.

Below:  Seth Isler’s interview with Kevin, recorded in Alaska last January, about his journey from jail and despair into a life filled with hope and promise.  


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  • Bubba Clifton

    The only thing that concerns me on this is did he want to quit for himself or is this away outta a jail sentence,if he’s doing it for himself and not to get his mom off his back or an easier jail sentence…. Whatever the case mayb .. Good luck Kevin M…..

  • Kevin Moore

    Hey there Bubba and everyone else. When I initially heard of MBRC I wasn’t thrilled about rehab. I knew I needed to do something, but was scared to do so. Treatment WAS NOT apart of my sentence whatsoever. And if I did all of this for myself. As it turns out, my mother and everyone else was thrilled about my decision. I’m coming up on 16 months clean and sober and couldn’t be happier with my life. That k you MBRC!

  • Stacey

    The persistence referred to here has to do with the Department of Justice. Kevin knew and had already come to the point in his life of knowing he needed and wanted help…. Not for me or anyone else but for himself. Where I came in to help him was the long process of having a felon leave and cross State lines….that is where I was persistent. I would not take no for an answer. It took almost 3 months to get things in order. After many “no’s” we finally found an assessment that was willing to just listen and to really look into the program of MBRC. We finally got the “wow, we don’t have anything like that here in Alaska”, and the person to put that in writing. Kevin also had a PO officer that saw the benefits of the program. We had to pay to even put in an application to be able to travel. This does not even take into account that this process occurred during the “sequestration” when all funds were frozen. No transfers were being approved due to States having no extra funds. Also the fact that Kevin was not leaving for just 30 days. We needed a full 90 days. In Joan’s words ” this is just not going to happen”.
    What was possible is for Kevin to be transferred out of Alaska to California and then be lost In the California Judicial System and not be allowed to be transferred back to Alaska. So this had to be addressed as well. So “Bubba” and everyone else who reads this: I am Kevin’s mother, but all the “hard” work was Kevin’s, not mine……I merely did some of the leg work that would allow for him to find himself and find that wonderful smile. ALL of this Kevin has done for none other than KEVIN…..not me or anyone else. I do think the fact that he now has 16 months clean and sober attest to this.
    The blessings however is the fact that Kevin and I no longer have secrets….and we no longer hide who we are…..I get it……I understand through my own recovery program….I do ……I get it!!!!!! And the best part???? So does Kevin..
    So people can either be a part of the solution or they can be a part of the problem. So why not just be supportive and not question why someone does something???

  • Lucy

    Look at this cool comment feature! I’m proud of you, Kevin. Keep on keepin’ on.

  • Kevin Moore

    Thank you miss Lucy ๐Ÿ™‚

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