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Ian C: I suffered from depression and anxiety for almost my entire life

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Ian C: I suffered from depression and anxiety for almost my entire life

At Malibu Beach Recovery Center we are really proud of the success we have had helping clients whose primary diagnosis is clinical depression (often coupled with severe anxiety), and whose secondary diagnosis is substance abuse.  We have been asked several times to explain how 90-120 days at an alcohol and drug program has turned around the lives of so many of these clients, most of whom came to MBRC after failing at well-respected mental health facilities.Ian at Dreamworks

Ian C (real name) has now recorded a compelling testimonial which offers insight into how the Malibu Beach Recovery System — our French low-glycemic diet coupled with the Yurma Yoga System, dopamine-raising nutraceuticals, great therapy and the principles of the 12 Step program — can positively impact clinical depression. A graduate of George Washington University, Ian began his studies at Georgetown Law School before falling into a depression so deep he did not leave home for six months.  He is now enrolled at UCLA Extension and will soon start earning credits toward a counseling certificate. In the interim he has become an active entrepreneur.   

Ian’s story actually begins in May 2009 with Lindsay (not her real name), the first patient accepted by MBRC whose primary diagnosis was severe clinical depression and anxiety.  We have often said that truth is more amazing than fiction; if a Hollywood writer wrote a script based on Lindsay’s journey to Malibu Beach Recovery Center, his story line would undoubtedly be rejected as too improbable.

According to Lindsay’s mother Jan (not her real name), in May 2009 Lindsay was in her second course of hospitalization, about to be discharged with no aftercare plan.  She was heavily medicated.   The family — dad is a well-respected medical scientist and Jan, a bright, highly-educated holistic professional — had no idea what had happened to their smart, seemingly normal daughter.  Jan told the hospital that it was not safe to return Lindsay to their home in an upscale Great Lakes college town, where whatever she was suffering from began.  The hospital replied that Lindsay was an adult and they planned to discharge her anyway.  

JThumbnail image for char  margolis.jpegan had been researching treatment centers all over the country but had not found any place “that seemed right.”  Forty-eight hours before the impending discharge she took the unusual step of consulting Char Margolis, a nationally recognized psychic. Char “saw” a place that was surrounded by hills or mountains, that was beautiful, and had a totally unique approach. She said the location was not at all typical of treatment centers and that the people there were the ones Lindsay needed.  She was sure it was in California, then hesitated and said maybe Colorado.  

“Char told me that she would email Oprah’s producer right away since she would have the information,” remembers Jan. “Oprah’s producer connected us with Brad Lamm of Intervention Specialists who immediately said Lindsay should go to MBRC.

“Char said that I would know it was the right place because I would speak to someone on the phone and feel good about it right away.  That person ended up being (then) MBRC executive director Kathy Willis. Forty-eight hours later Lindsay was already en route!” 

Lindsay arrived with literally two shopping bags of medication, some prescribed and some over the counter.  Many contradicted each other.  She could not put a sentence together without bursting into tears.  She wore a hoodie for weeks, hiding her natural beauty.   

“I knew that it was going to take time and patience to gain her trust and understand her,” said Dr. Miriam Hamideh, PhD, who served as Lindsay’s primary therapist.  “She had depression, PTSD symptoms and borderline traits as a result of the trauma.  I still consider her one of the most difficult patients I have ever treated.”

The family therapy component designed by Kathy Willis who continues to be a mainstay of each Malibu Beach Recovery Center Family Weekend, also played a big part of Lindsay’s recovery.

When Lindsay arrived she told MBRC Chairman Oleg Vidov that her lifelong goal was to be a vet.  During her final 30 days, Oleg encouraged the clinical team to have her volunteer at a local animal grooming center.   She did and now, three years after arriving at MBRC as a broken young soul Lindsay is fulfilling requirements for vet school.  She stills sees Dr. Hamideh and takes no prescribed medications.  Last week she returned from a summer volunteer stint in Beijing, helping an organization that finds child prostitutes and secures their freedom through the unique cooperation of police, government officials, and the underground.    Who would have thought?

In early December of 2011 we got another call from Brad Lamm.  One of Jan’s professional colleagues had a son with a story not unlike that of Lindsay.  He was failing at a treatment center in Arizona.  Brad asked if MBRC would admit him.  His name was Ian.

Below is a photograph taken at Ian’s arrival, and another after 90 days at MBRC.  Above left is Ian looking very cool at Dreamworks Animation after 120 days.  Click here to meet Ian.


Ian intake 12_7_11.JPGIan 90 days February 28 2012 001.jpg



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