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David F: A Midwest Union Member Finds Addiction Recovery in Malibu

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David F: A Midwest Union Member Finds Addiction Recovery in Malibu

David F still 3.jpgDavid first called October 1, 2012.  On the surface, he seemed an unlikely fit.  A soft-spoken, 37-year-old, small-town Indiana union member who had just escaped from a local treatment center.  He found Malibu Beach Recovery Center on the internet and improbably picked up the phone.  I wondered if someone like David could survive without fast food, and do three hours of yoga each day. But our brilliant therapist Allen Glass, also from Indiana, assured me David was someone we could help him.  As usual, he was right. 

From the day he arrived, David was a diligent client, but also a tough case.  He had been drinking since 13.  Abusing opiates since he had  reconstructive knee operation at 23.  By the time he called the first time, he was shooting heroin, using meth and had been arrested numerous times. 

All in all, with the help of union insurance, David spent almost 200 days in treatment.  He spent more than 90 days in Malibu the first time.  He graduated, failed to follow his aftercare plan, relapsed and returned for another more than 90 days. 


Below:  David tells Seth Isler in a recent interview, filmed at his dad’s home in Indiana, that today he is a different person.



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  • Liana

    Where do I start…. I could start at the beginning when you first came to MBRC, but for me, there are so many moments, (multiple beginnings) because in recovery it’s two steps forward three steps back; and then, if your lucky when you get your pace walking becomes more like running and the high of running at your pace, in your way, in a way you never thought you would before is the best high there is. I remember seeing that natural high and what a pleasure it was to see.
    You never stopped no matter how many steps you had to take and we are so proud to see you running now. I am inspired by you. You have a story to share!

  • Kevin Moore

    Great job buddy!!!! Wish you nothing but the best! I have so much love and respect for you Dave.

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