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Casie W: Stubbornly Determined to Achieve Long-Term Sobriety

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Casie W: Stubbornly Determined to Achieve Long-Term Sobriety

casie 6.jpgI remember trying to coax Casie into treatment.  It was February 2013.  She described herself, at 25, as a long-term drug addict, who had spent several years of her adolescence in a Utah facility for wayward kids. She was now living somewhere near Dallas, estranged from her parents and only sister. She called many times before she actually got to Malibu on Valentine’s Day — sometimes from meth dens.

I don’t care what anyone says.  It is really hard, virtually impossible, to look at a client entering rehab and say:  this person really wants sobriety and is going to achieve it.  I never would have bet on Casie.

Luckily for her, sometime before she called Malibu Beach Recovery Center, a guardian angel perched permanently on her right shoulder.  As I write this she already has more than a year of sobriety, has repaired relations with both parents, and is hoping that one day soon her sister will also forgive her. 

Below:  Seth Isler’s nterview with Casie about her journey from addiction in Texas to sobriety in California.   Filmed at The Brentwood House as she headed for her first year of sobriety. 


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  • Liz

    Casie is a great representative of what Malibu Beach Recovery Center is all about. I am so proud of her.

  • Edward

    Great job!:)

  • Kevin Moore

    So proud of you!!!!

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