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A&E’s Intervention TV Show – Michelle from New Jersey

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A&E’s Intervention TV Show – Michelle from New Jersey

UPDATE:  Here is a photo of Michelle’s joyful reunion in California with her daughters.Thumbnail image for MichelleAndGirlsREUNITE.JPG



On August 22, 2011 the “Michelle” episode of Emmy-winning TV series Intervention premieres on A&E.  Michelle of Williamstown, NJ is a 30-year-old mother of two. Michelle July 2011.jpgInterventionist Candy Finnigan brought her to Malibu Beach Recovery Center on May 26, 2011.  Michelle’s story is that of four generations of an American family living under the same roof.  Michelle, an exotic dancer, making daily trips to a local methadone clinic, has a sugar daddy. She also has two young daughters who are being raised by her ailing, overburdened elderly grandparents. This is a show about a family who wrote to Intervention for help after years of hearing Michelle’s excuses, and witnessing the domino effects of her addiction on her increasingly-defiant daughters.  Can’t wait to see the show.  I was told to have Kleenex on hand.   Michelle’s aunt and uncle are bringing her daughters to California next week to attend Betty Ford Center’s Children’s Program.  Michelle will also attend these four days of workshops and seminars, designed to help 7 to 12-year-old children from families who have been hurt by the disease of addiction. 

Here are updates on our other two Intervention clients, both by chance also from New Jersey.

Angelina:  Thumbnail image for HPIM0218.jpgCandy Finnigan brought Angelina to Malibu Beach Recovery Center in September 2008.  She was a heroin addict, so hardcore that she forced her mother to strip in front of Intervention cameras to prove she was not hiding Angelina’s drugs. Angelina had already overdosed so many times there was a “Do Not Resuscitate” order at the local New Jersey Hospital.  While in sober living she got a job waiting tables in a local Italian restaurant.  Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for angelina moore.jpgShe still has the job, but only goes in on weekends; weekdays she runs the medical practice of one of our very first alumni, who she is set to marry in November.  She is an AA stalwart, with several sponsees.  She has repaired relations with her family.



Rachel: Candy brought Rachel in May 2010. Thumbnail image for rachel_color.jpgShe was homeless, sleeping on the steps of a Fifth Avenue Manhattan church, panhandling to earn a living.  She had blue and orange hair and a tough “street” attitude toward life – but when she saw the bed she was going to be sleeping in for the next 90 days, she began jumping up and down with joy.  Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for RACHEL_screengrabs51.jpgShe is an amazing artist.  Rachel’s story was reality TV at its best, filled with fireworks and drama.  She has had a lot to overcome, including a bench warrant that appeared out of nowhere, and almost got her extradited back to New Jersey and prison.  With the help of an MBRC counselor, Rachel has put together a resume, and seems ready to enter the workforce for the first time.  


Two days ago I drove to a 12 Step Women’s Meeting here in Malibu to meet the three girls.  While my photographs of Angelina, Rachel, and Michelle reveal how fabulous they now look, especially compared to when they first arrived, the big news is how much each has changed thanks to the amazing opportunity this reality TV show has given them.  We are very proud to have had a role in those transformations.Angelina, Rachel, Michelle August 2011.jpg





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  • beth

    WOW !!!! , i watched Michelle’s story tonight on A&E intervention. it really hit home. i have a loved one that is also on methadone, and xanex. seeing Michelle transform in only 10 weeks was amazing. i was glad to see she is staying a little longer. She really looked like a totally different person off the drugs. .She is clear in her thoughts, and her speech was so different. It actually brought tears to my eyes when i saw her after the ten weeks. I want to congratulate her on how wonderful she is doing, and how wonderful she looks not on the drugs, (and not all the make up). I am sooooo happy for her and her family and am looking forward to seeing her update. Michelle and her family are in my prayers.. please stay clean, your girls need you. I only wish my loved one could get clean like you.

  • Joe

    I am also from williamstown and when i seen the show i was proud to see how far you have come michelle, i am also a recovering addict ill have 4 years November 17th.. keep up the good work!!!

  • Alexa

    Michelle you are the best roomie ever and I am so proud of you.

  • Angie

    I would like to know how it was for Michelle for those first couple weeks being off methadone… Did you go through tremendous cravings and irritability?? Or did they give you medication to control it? How long did you have to take meds to help the side effects of withdrawal? I’m only asking because I’ve been on methadone for years as well and really want to get off of it. You look GREAT and give me inspiration, however I too, am very very very very scared of the sickness.

  • tina

    I go to the same Clinic, that Michelle went too..shes 100% right The counslers there would rather rasie your millagram, then lower it.So when people take xanax they get that herion feeling. Im so glad shes doing better, Shes a very pretty girl, Keep up the good work honey. xoxo

  • lewonda jones

    you girls look great,i am in minneasota stuggling with opiads addiction,i been on pain meds for years i am 32 will be 33 soon i have a 2 year old daughter ,i been looking for someone to help me every time i get clean i relapse when i am under stress so not only do i depend on the medication physically ,but emotionally i pray for you girls i asked if yall pray for me ,i live in minneapolis,minneasota my first step was admitting the addiction seeing how it affects my family and friends i am very proud of yall stay positive and focus, thanks for the inspiriration love yall in the lord continue to pray god send me help the withdrawls is unbelivable.

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