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Everything You Need to Know About Drug Detox

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Everything You Need to Know About Drug Detox

Sharing information about the process of detoxing from drugs or alcohol

If you or a person close to you is suffering from an addiction, this can be a frightening time. The path to recovery may not originally seem as clear as you would like, but drug detox is designed to put the patient firmly on that path. The main goal of drug detox is to completely rid the body of the harmful drug. This provides a fresh start for recovery and allows patients to begin from the best detox writingpossible place, as they work on learning to conquer their addiction.

The Most Effective Way to Drug Detox

While the main purpose of detox is removing harmful drugs from the body, it is not the only goal. The symptoms of withdrawal can be difficult, and forcing the patient to deal with these symptoms without providing relief can be counterproductive. Removing the drug from the body entirely can cause withdrawal symptoms that may range from fairly mild to very severe, depending on how long the patient has been using the drug, and how much of the drug is consistently in the body.

The symptoms can be greatly lessened with the help of a soothing environment, supportive addiction counselors, skilled medical doctors, and the use of withdrawal medication, where warranted. This approach to detox allows the patient to gently transition into a drug free life, rather than abruptly forcing the body into a state that it is entirely unprepared for.

After Detox: Combining Holistic Treatment and Medical Science

One of the detox and recovery approaches that has proven to be most effective is the combination of holistic treatment and medical science. Drug addiction is a complex disease that must be tailored to the individual for the best chance of success, according to The National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Every patient is a unique individual, and that means that their biological, psychological, and spiritual needs must be addressed in a unique way. Treatment that is tailored for the individual has been shown to work best because it addresses all the problems that an addicted person has. This includes psychological issues, familial issues, emotional issues, and more.

Once a patient has rid themselves of the drug, the most successful rehabs focus on the medical science of recovery. This involves restoring proper brain chemistry so that the patient is able to become fully functional and feel like themselves again. During this process, the dopamine levels in the body will be carefully monitored until the patient is at the optimum level for their own health and wellness. Dopamine is the “feel good” natural neurotransmitter in the human body, and having optimum levels of it are a major aid in recovery.

Every aspect of a patient’s life should be supported, and during this process each person should learn new tools to maintain their health in the future. This includes dietary support and physical support, as well as emotional support.

When this detox and recovery process is done in a warm, supportive environment, the patient will be in the ideal position to begin their new life, free from drugs. An integral part of the post-detox experience, is the support of counselors. A variety of counseling types may be used to help the patient achieve optimum health as they recover, including individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy sessions.

Living Drug Free Long Term

Living drug free, long-term, is easiest for patients who have completed a program that focuses on their own health and wellness. Family counseling is an important part of treatment as well. Many successful patients may find the family counseling component of rehab to be particularly helpful in transitioning into the home again. The family is also supported in helping to welcome the patient back into the home successfully. A typical detox and recovery program lasts for 90 days. This is the period that has been shown to allow patients to have the most effective long-term recovery. Patients will still have extensive support in the form of out-patient counseling and sober living facilities whenever they are needed.

Living drug free in the long-term may seem difficult to a person who hasn’t yet started on their journey to sobriety, but it is entirely within the grasp of anyone who wants it. Malibu Beach Recovery Center is there to help addiction sufferers to get on that recovery path today. Call to speak with one of the trained intake specialists, and to find out how they can help you or your loved one, to live drug free at last!

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