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Emotions, Addiction, and that One Pushy Friend

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Emotions, Addiction, and that One Pushy Friend

Discussing the impact of treatment designed to meet women’s needs

If you have thought, “I need help with my drinking”, or “I think I have a drug problem”, then you stand at the beginning of a journey. Your journey can be one into full recovery if you allow it to be, but choosing the right type of recovery program is vitally important.

Women and Addictionwoman reaching out

As a woman, you may have unique issues which play into your addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, women are more likely to become addicted to some drugs, like sedatives, than men are. Women are also often subjected to strong social pressure to drink or use drugs, which can be difficult to resist.

That One Pushy Friend

You may have that one pushy friend who is always saying things like, “Let’s just go out for a while!” or “You deserve a night out, come with us!” In fact, your whole peer group may share that mentality, believing that drinking and drug use is more fun if you (and everyone else) takes part in it.

It is exceptionally difficult to resist social pressures like these. Adults are every bit as susceptible to peer pressure as young people, although the effect can be less obvious. You may worry about how your friends will view you if you say “No thanks,” or if you stop drinking or using drugs. You may also worry about jeopardizing your close friendships if you change your behavior.

Why A Women’s Only Addiction Treatment Center?

Social issues like these tend to have stronger effects on women in recovery, and are often a critical issue to address. This one of many unique hurdles which can face women specifically. However, most rehabilitation centers don’t focus on problems specific to women, and may overlook or underestimate issues on the path to recovery.

For this reason, choosing a women’s addiction treatment center is the best choice for any woman who is struggling with either alcohol or drug dependency. This type of female-focused facility can address problems like social pressures, along with the many other recovery issues unique to women.

The Brentwood House

The Brentwood House was created by the female treatment professionals from the Malibu Beach Recovery Center, with a goal of providing a peaceful environment where other women could come to recover in a private luxury environment. Our treatment is tailored specifically to the needs of female addicts, and has proven to provide a productive environment for recovery.

How Our Caregivers Help In Recovery

Brentwood House is dedicated to helping women in recovery. We do everything possible to make your journey more comfortable, more welcoming, and ultimately a successful resolution in full recovery.

We know that many hurdles will present themselves on your path, and some of these will be unique to women. That’s why our caregivers are all chosen specifically for their experience working with and supporting women with addiction. It’s why we created a welcoming environment for recovery, instead of a sterile medical setting. Finally, it’s why we help patients in all aspects of their life, from social pressure to physical wellness to common relapse triggers.

We don’t treat drug addiction or alcohol dependency as a shameful secret. We handle it as what it is: Something that can happen to any woman, and something that any woman can overcome with the right help.

Ultimately, the aim of recovery is long-term sobriety, and that is what we help each patient achieve. If you would like to learn more, call us at 800.366.8101, our trained intake specialists are happy to speak with you confidentially today.

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