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Effective Sobriety Tips for Hanging With Your Girlfriends

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Effective Sobriety Tips for Hanging With Your Girlfriends

Conquering awkward situations and getting back to living life

You used to be the life of the party when you drank, but what started as lighthearted fun soon led to drama — both physical and emotional. It didn’t take long for you to realize that you were getting out of control, perhaps after not remembering something you said or did while intoxicated; or perhaps someone who cares for you finally had to take you aside and say something.

Celebrating The New You

For a while, you might have continued with the crazy late nights out, the drinking games, the bad decisions and irresponsible behavior. You went to work or classes hung over — or you started taking more and more “sick days.” You didn’t want to give up the lifestyle — until your body or dangerous circumstances made you. Finally, you pulled yourself out of the spiral, got help, and now you’re adopting a sober lifestyle.

It’s understandable that you might be apprehensive about the future of your social life and how your past party friends will respond to you. That said, it is possible to still hang with many of your current girlfriends and still have an amazing time. It won’t always be an easy adjustment, but if you’re committed to making the change, it can be done. Use these 7 tips to stay sober while out with your girlfriends and still have an epic time out together:

  1. Pump Yourself Up
    Going out with friends is fun, euphoric, awesome — and it can still be that way even if you’re not drinking. It’s all about mindset; blast your favorite party music while you’re getting ready. Pick out the perfect outfit, hairstyle and makeup and look your best. Psyche yourself up and get excited about the night before you even head out the door.
  2. Keep it Casual
    You don’t have to start out conversations at bars or parties by saying that you don’t drink. In fact, open up any topic of conversation — this is your time to put your best self forward completely independent of the subject of drinking. If someone tries to buy you a drink, your answer can be as simple as “Thanks, but I don’t drink,” and you can get back to more interesting topics.
  3. Put Yourself Out There
    Don’t hang back and be a “wallflower” just because you’re not drinking; take the opportunity to be even more bold than ever before. Socialize, mingle; be your best self. Take a chance and go talk to that cute guy who’s been watching you for the last half hour. Give in to the party atmosphere, dance, make jokes, laugh, and find your inner extrovert without the crutch of alcohol.
  4. Reassess Your Friendships
    This is an excellent opportunity to decide for yourself who you want in your circle. Try and surround yourself with positive people who don’t rely on alcohol for feeling comfortable socially. Just because you’re the designated driver doesn’t mean you should have to be the group babysitter. Girlfriends who want to get hammered and have an excuse for making bad decisions will probably fall by the wayside, and that’s for the best. Gravitate toward positive people who go with the flow and can have fun anywhere — and strive to be that kind of person yourself.

Having a great time with girlfriends while sober IS possible. While you might lose some friendships — at least the ones that were based solely upon excessive drinking — your true friendships are likely to become better than ever.

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