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5 Ways to Throw a Sober Celebration

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5 Ways to Throw a Sober Celebration

Finding sobriety doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

Celebrations often center around drinking and potentially other drugs as well. But it’s not necessary to avoid celebrating if you or your loved one is practicing sobriety. Celebrations are an important part of life, and they can enhance a new way of living after recovery. By throwing your own party, you can control the temptations to help your own recovery or to create a welcoming party for a sober loved one.

Many people enjoy going to sober parties. Guests might also be practicing sobriety, or they might be ready for a break from the issues that arise so often arise when everyone is drinking, so a sober party can be refreshing. Regardless, anyone can have a good time at an alcohol-free party, since the people and the event are the most important parts. Here are a few ways to create a sober celebration that’s lots of fun for guests:

Make It a Theme Party

Your party might have an innate theme, such as a birthday or a holiday, in which case you can base it around that. If not, or if you simply want to make that holiday a little more exciting, turn it into a theme party. Have people dress up and base activities around the theme. For example, a 1980s-themed party could feature big hair, leg warmers and music, movies and games from that decade. This way, guests will be focusing their attention on the theme instead of what they’re drinking.

Focus on Activities

Center your party around something people can do. Dancing always makes a party fun, so play music and create a dance floor. Focus a birthday party around opening presents and eating cake. Encourage people to talk with the help of ice breaker cards and put out games, such as board games or video games, that they can play with each other. Your party could also center around watching television or a movie — you can make it more exciting by poking fun at the story line or creating a theme around that movie, show or era.

Another option is to provide an art project. For example, some people host painting parties or they have their baby shower guests decorate onesies. You could also take your party to play mini golf, go ice skating, play paintball or engage in another fun activity. These are just some ideas to give you a jump start, but choose any activity you think you and your guests would enjoy.

Create Exciting Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Foods

Instead of focusing on alcoholic drinks, steer the focus onto an exciting meal or hors d’oeuvres. Also, you can make fun non-alcoholic beverages, such as soda punch, milkshakes, smoothies or ice cream floats. Or you could provide a variety of out-of-the-ordinary soda or iced tea flavors. Another option is to have a coffee or tea party.

Throw Your Party During the Day

It might make it easier to have a sober party if you throw a daytime celebration instead of a nighttime one. Alcohol is often standard at nighttime parties, while it is less expected at a daytime party. After all, in 2011, 36 percent of fatal crashes at night included drunk driving, compared to eight percent in the daytime, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Take the Event Outside

Outdoor parties are a lot of fun without any alcohol, so throw your party in the backyard, at a local park or at a place of natural beauty. You could have a barbecue, go swimming, hike and generally enjoy the outdoors. At night, your guests could enjoy the sunset and then the stars — set up a telescope for their viewing pleasure. This way, your party will include fresh air and a natural ambiance, and you can liven it up with some music, food and fun lighting.

These tips can come in handy for any type of celebration, including a party to celebrate sobriety. Just make sure to inform everyone on the invitation that the party will only have non-alcoholic drinks, so everyone knows what to expect and no one brings alcohol by accident.

At Malibu Beach Recovery Center and The Brentwood House our approach focuses on recovery for the long run, so we want you to be able to celebrate a special occasion without experiencing a relapse. We hope these tips help you stay on track while enjoying a celebration with your family and friends.

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