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Ronni: I Finally Got Sober in the Company of Women

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Ronni: I Finally Got Sober in the Company of Women

Ronni is the oldest of our alumni.  She came to treatment at the age of 70, one month after The Brentwood House opened, at the insistence of her children and former husband.  My notes say:

Ronni is the ex-wife of a Hollywood entertainment attorney, mom of a television executive.  She has another son, a daughter and a grandson.  Her husband divorced her after 50 years of marriage because of pills, drugs, and alcohol.  She admitted to having prescriptions for ambien, clonopin, and in the past vicodin.  Her son thinks there are many more.   She got a generous divorce settlement, but squandered it every month so son now in charge of money.  She has previously failed several rehabs and sober livings.

Ronni was in residential treatment for 60 days.  Because she had relapsed so often and believed in the Malibu Beach Recovery Centers policy which encourages alumni to “stay in touch,” she asked for ways to be of service.  She has led Big Book groups and regularly helps newcomers adjust. In the third year of the campaign to fund CURES, California’s online, real-time prescription drug data base, she took on the task of organizing meetings between our alumni and various State Senators and Assemblymen/women so that we could personally explain the importance of the data base.

Due in great part to her efforts our alumni met with their representatives, testified in Sacramento, and helped pass an important piece of legislation.  Currently she is working with Malibu Beach Recovery Center on the campaign to stop Blue Cross from issuing checks meant for out of network providers to addicts in their first days of recovery.  The Blue Cross Policy has resulted in overdoses and deaths, creating a public safety issue in California and other states.

One thing that gives many in recovery power is the ability to laugh at their past, and you can click here to hear Ronni share a more humorous version of her story at the gathering officially designating the Brentwood House as one of this country’s only treatment centers by women, for women.

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