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Russian Royalty and Malibu Beach Recovery Center

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Russian Royalty and Malibu Beach Recovery Center

Romance Novelist Heather Long

Romance Novelist Heather Long

Best-selling “harlequin” novelist Heather Long’s newest romance, “Some Like It Royal,” was published by Carina Press on Monday January 13, 2014. Just two days later Counselor Liz Winchell called to ask if we knew that Malibu Beach Recovery was mentioned in Chapter 15.  Her friend Tara was reading the book.

We did not, and had fun investigating. “Some Like It Royal” is about Alyx Dagmar, a beautiful aspiring American actress of Russian heritage living in her car, and Daniel Voldakov, a gorgeous self-made billionaire also of Russian heritage. Not unlike Tarek and Michaele Salahi who became famous after crashing an Obama State Dinner, Alyx and Daniel need to be noticed by society editors so Daniel can do business with snobbish businessmen. They pass Alyx off as Russian royalty, and it works (no more details as I don’t want to spoil the fun).

Chapter 15 begins: “They made their debut splash as a public couple at a small event raising money for Malibu Beach Recovery before advancing to several charity events over the next week. The photographers, having sensed blood in the water with the initial social page, followed them.”

We were sure Heather chose Malibu Beach Recovery Center because her protagonists are of Russian origin and my husband Oleg Vidov is a famous Soviet actor. But no…

“I did choose the facility because I’d heard such great things about it,” Heather emailed me, “but I had no idea about the Russian connection–what a brilliant bit of synchronicity!”

Heather has always loved harlequin (romance) novels. Her grandmother, a downstairs maid at Buckingham Palace, read them to her as a child, and launched Heather’s  interest in royalty.

She wrote the “Some Like It Royal” in just five days because “it just took on a life of its own.” There are four more books to come, all about these same characters.

The recurring themes of her non royalty-related books include the military and paranormal.

We invited Heather to visit the actual Malibu Beach Recovery Center next time she is in LA and begin writing about recovery.  Hope she comes.

The ebook is available on, and the price can’t be beat.


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