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Bird’s Eye View: Women and Alcoholism

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Bird’s Eye View: Women and Alcoholism

IMG_2353Dorothea Shackleton reviews Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol, the best-selling book by award-winning author Ann Dowsett Johnston.

If any female alcoholics need a “sober New Year’s resolution” read the book “Drink.”  Ann, an alcoholic in recovery, defines alcoholism deep and real.

She bluntly describes the silence and complicity of alcoholism in woman.

From the Doctor’s Opinion chapter of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous to social disgrace. Her powerful story about her own bout with alcohol gives woman hope.

We have so much in common as female alcoholics. She links our eating disorders and the new epidemic of binge drinking amongst teenagers, college students, single women, and married women. Alcoholism gets a hold of us, destructively ruining our lives, until we decide to get help. Only then can we logically put our lives back together.

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