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Bird’s Eye View: Ready for MBRC Recipes!

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Bird’s Eye View: Ready for MBRC Recipes!

Showcasing delicious Malibu Beach Recovery Diet recipes


Chef Sergio with guest stars Mary, Dora Lee and James

The weekend of Halloween was not just fun for trick or treaters, but also for addicts & alcoholics in recovery. We are taking “action” by preparing and eating healthy according to the Malibu Beach Recovery Diet.

Joan Borsten, co-founder of MBRC, put passion into the research and factual scientific knowledge behind the new creatively-styled “Malibu Beach Recovery Diet Cookbook.”

Our chefs are behind the scenes of the healthiest, most flavorful, dishes of recipes going into print for 2015.  They prepare the tastiest breakfast, lunch, and dinners in treatment.

There is also going to be a dynamic website dedicated to the cookbook and simple to make healthy recipes, so recently a group of MBRC alumni showed up at our Latigo transitional living home.  We suited up in custom chef wear to guest star in some creative cooking classes with Chef Sergio.

Sergio Peanut butter Cookies

Chef Sergio’s Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies

The day unfolded with a make up and hair artist dolling us up. A wonderful crew of production peeps, even a custom food artist. We took interest in each step preparing, cooking and of course tasting our recipes.

A new definition of healthy, organic eating. We even prepared on the go desserts, like peanut butter cookies you can pack in a pocket and take to a meeting.

If you think you’re a “foodie” now, you have not tried these naturally herbed and sweetened recipes. One of the #1 reasons our country’s obesity rate is so high is because people believe using Splenda type sweeteners will help loose weight, when in fact these chemicals cause weight gain.  The Malibu Beach Recovery Diet enhances dopamine levels and gets us high on life!

Sergio Baked Salmon with pistachio topping

Chef Sergio’s Easy Baked Salmon with Pesto Crust and Roasted Asparagus

Sergio KaleSalad

Chef Sergio’s Warm Kale Salad

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